Annual Awards Ceremony 2007: Awards for the best performers of ERIM


ERIM Award Winners 2007

At the 6th annual ERIM Awards Presentation Ceremony, ERIM (the Erasmus Research Institute of Management) honoured its best researchers and the best research support officer. The prizes are divided in different academic disciplines like the Dissertation Award, the Book Award and the Impact Award.


Ale Smidts

Ale Smidts, Scientific Director of ERIM started the Ceremony by looking back on this year’s milestones. The 100th PhD defense and start of the ERIM Alumni Association, the very positive results of the midterm review, the opening of the Erasmus Behavioral Lab and start of the subject pool, and the doubling of the publications in top journals show that there is a vibrant research environment. He also pointed out that in recent years many young talents joined ERIM which is a good indicator of the viability of the research institute; he commemorated how some of them were successful at attracting grants most notably a Veni, a Vidi, two Marie Curie Fellowships, and a Rubicon grant. The picture shows Smidts proudly presenting the ‘Ingenium Alatum’ (Winged Mind), which is a bronze of Erasmus especially designed for ERIM by Elly Hendrix. It will be awarded to each ERIM PhD graduate from January 2008 onwards.


Rector Magnificus Steven Lamberts

The ERIM Awards were presented by Professor Steven Lamberts, the Rector Magnificus of the Erasmus University,. He stated that ERIM is quickly becoming one of the most outstanding research schools in Europe, thanks to the increasing impact and quality of its publications. Professor Lamberts handed out the Awards to the following people:

Dissertation Award: Erik Kole

Erik Kole received the Dissertation Award for his dissertation entitled: ‘On Crises, Crashes and Co-movements’. Kole is assistant professor at the Econometric Institute of the Erasmus School of Economics. He obtained his PhD degree in 2006 at the RSM Erasmus University.


Erik Kole

The jury says:
Erik's research is very timely: crises and crashes. Financial crises have important consequences in many areas of economic activity. Hence, a proper understanding of the timing and effects of such events is a research topic of increasing relevance. Only recently new econometric techniques are being developed to model, and thus understand, the dynamics that play a role in these crises and crashes. Erik’s research has already resulted in a number of good publications, for example, in the Journal of Banking & Finance. His work is academically innovative and practically relevant. The jury consisted of the Academic Directors of the three KNAW research schools in Management: CentER (Tilburg University), METEOR (Maastricht University), and SOM (Groningen University).

Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher: Ralf van der Lans

The Award for Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher was presented to Ralf van der Lans. Both his graduation in 2001 (Econometric at the Erasmus University) and his dissertation in 2006 (‘Brand Research’ at the University of Tilburg) received the appellation cum laude. He is currently assistant professor at the Marketing Department of RSM.


Ralf van der Lans

In his research, van der Lans combines eye tracking data with sophisticated Bayesian modelling techniques. The practical relevance of his work is shown by the interest of many companies that uses his model for improving packaging.

The jury says:
The committee decided unanimously to select Ralf van der Lans for the ERIM Award. He has outstanding publications in the top scientific journals. Moreover he is an entrepreneurial researcher who explores new fields of research. He is highly qualified in Marketing as well as in Statistics. The practical relevance of his work is shown by the interest of many companies in his work. For a young researcher his research achievements in such a short time are really outstanding. ERIM can be proud to have a winner like Ralf as one of their members. ERIM is indebted to the jury that consisted of Professors Jo van Nunen (chairman), Daan van Knippenberg, and Jaap Spronk

Top Article Award 

Justin Jansen & Frans van den Bosch

The first Top Article Award was presented to Justin Jansen, Frans Van den Bosch & Henk Volberda for their article: “Exploratory innovation, Exploitative innovation, and Performance: Effects of organizational antecedents and environmental moderators” which has been published in Management Science in November 2006.

The jury says:
With survey data of 283 organization units from a large European firm, this paper examines the organizational antecedents of exploratory and exploitative innovation, and how the external environment moderates the relationship between innovation and performance. The study was meticulously implemented and the paper was carefully crafted. Its empirical findings are interesting and add to our understanding of the antecedents and consequences of innovation. This paper is a significant contribution to the growing literature on exploration and exploitation. The jury consists again of the academic directors of CentER, Meteor and SOM

Worth mentioning is the fact that Henk Volberda now has a ‘grand slam’: over the years he has won the ERIM Book award, the Impact Award and now the Top Article Award.


Hans van Oosterhout, Pursey Heugens & Muel Kaptein

Hans van Oosterhout, Pursey Heugens and Muel Kapteinreceived the second Top Article Award for their article: “The Internal Morality of Contracting: Advancing the Contractualist Endeavor in Business Ethics”. It was published in the Academy of Management Review in 2006.

The jury says:
This conceptual article is truly interdisciplinary, combining knowledge and insights from: management, law, political theory, economics and philosophy. It is one of the few articles published in AMR that combines positive and normative ambitions, while addressing a very fundamental conceptual issue on business ethics. It also immediately sparked off debate, leading to a discussion of its main claims in the same journal. One of the implications of the article is that it offers relatively sharp criteria to decide which parties ought to be acknowledged as the stakeholders of the company. Few Dutch scientists manage to publish in the Academy of Management Review, an absolute top journal in our field only publishing conceptual work. It is therefore a landmark achievement. The jury consists again of the academic directors of CentER, Meteor and SOM

Book Award: Rob van Tulder and Alex van der Zwart 

Alex van der Zwart

The Book Award was presented to Rob van Tulder and Alex van der Zwart for their book ‘International Business Society Management: Linking corporate responsibility and globalization’.

The authors of this book; Professor Rob van Tulder (International Business Society Management) and Alex van der Zwart (business consultant at his own research firm Concernz) are familiar with co writing books. In 2003 they already published the book ‘Reputaties op het Spel. Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen in een onderhandelingssamenleving.’

In their book ‘International Business Society Management: Linking corporate responsibility and globalization’ van Tulder and van der Zwart discuss and contextualize contemporary debates on international corporate social responsibility, globalization and the impact of reputation, this key text integrates them into a new and coherent framework: Societal Interface Management. Using this unique framework, it explores the interfaces between international corporations, governments, and civil society representatives.

From the jury:
The book written by Van Tulder and Van der Zwart develops ideas pertaining to the management of corporate responsibility issues with application to international businesses. It is a novel attempt to understand how these themes are related and how society and firms are affected by these interacting issues. Its treatment of these issues is thorough, and it proposes a “societal triangle” that is an original and effective structuring device for the book. It uses multiple cases to give empirical content to the various frameworks it describes. The book has both scientific and practical relevance and suits a broad audience (scientists, managers, policy makers and students). The jury consists of the academic directors of CentER, Meteor and SOM.

Impact Award: Henk Volberda, Frans Van den Bosch & Justin Jansen

Justin Jansen & Frans van den Bosch

Henk Volberda, Frans Van den Bosch & Justin Jansen received the Award for their research on Social Innovation as exemplified in their study: Slim Managen en Innovatief Organiseren.

Henk Volberda is Fellow of ERIM and professor of strategic management and business policy at RSM Erasmus University, Chairman of the Department of Strategic Management & Business Environment and Vice-Dean of the RSM Erasmus University. He has been a visiting scholar at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and City University Business School, London. Professor Volberda obtained his doctorate cum laude in Business Administration of the University of Groningen

Frans van den Bosch is Fellow of ERIM and Professor of Management Interfaces between Organizations and Business Environment of the Department of Strategic Management and Business Environment, RSM Erasmus University, Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 1988 he was appointed as Full Professor of Management in the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a fellow and chairman of the Programme Board of ERIM. Presently he is vice-chairman of the Department of Strategic Management and Business Environment, director of the Erasmus Strategic Renewal Center (ESRC) and of the Dutch Partner Institute of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Justin Jansen is Assistant Professor of strategic management at the RSM Erasmus University. He obtained his PhD Degree in 2005 at the RSM. The Erasmus University recognized his talent by awarding him an EUR-Fellowship for the period of 2006 to 2009. His dissertation has already resulted in two ERIM P* publications. Justin Jansen is on the way of a ‘super grand slam’: he has won the ERIM Dissertation award last year, and now the Top Article and Impact Award.

The jury says:
The research on social innovation shows in a convincing way that successful innovation is a combination of content (R&D) and process (social innovation). It shows that companies can achieve a sustainable strategic position by putting people back into the center. It brings back the ‘mind and hearts’ into work places. And this is what we need in order to become more creative and innovative again. Social innovation is all about ‘smart labor’ as answer to ‘cheap labor’. By providing many concrete examples and by proving the effectiveness of social innovation, this research stimulates companies to organize smartly. ERIM is really indebted to the jury from business that consisted of Mrs. Maria Molenaar (Member of the Board of the Rijnland Zorggroep) and Kees van den Heuvel (Director New Business Development TNT Post).

Service Award: Rebecca Morris

Willem Koolhaas (Rebecca Morris could not attend the ceremony)

For already the second time in the ERIM Awards history, ERIM honors the research support services of Erasmus’ support staff members. High-quality services play a vital role in supporting and enabling top academic research. This award aims to recognise that.

The Service Award was presented to Rebecca Morris. She is corporate publicist in the Corporate Marketing Communications Department at RSM.

The jury says:
Rebecca Morris is a driven and high performing professional. Whether it is for RSM Outlook, for a brochure or for books like ERIM’s “Hora Est! and Beyond” – Rebecca shows remarkable research insight, a very good understanding of the relevant readership, and is simply very fast. Playing with words, she always manages to get to the essence of the message. The ERIM Management Team selects the recipients of the award.

Photos of the Awards Ceremony are available in the ERIM Photo Gallery.