Annual Awards Ceremony 2008: Awards for the best researchers of ERIM

On December 11, the 7th annual ERIM Awards Presentation Ceremony took place. At this Ceremony, ERIM (the Erasmus Research Institute of Management) honoured its best researchers and the best research support officer. The prizes are divided in different academic disciplines like the Impact Award, the Book Award and the Dissertation Award.

Ale Smidts, Scientific Director of ERIM, opened the Ceremony by highlighting the achievements of the last year. He talked about the strong academic impact of ERIM’s research, its increasing grants raising activities as well as increased number of publications and about the exciting new academic talent that recently joined. Currently, ERIM has over 300 academic members.


Kees van Rooijen

Next, Kees van Rooijen, member of the Executive Board of the Erasmus University, presented the ERIM Awards. He handed out the Awards to the following people:

Dissertation Award: Joop Huij

The 2008 Dissertation Award has been presented to Joop Huij for his dissertation entitled: “New Insights into Mutual Funds: Performance and Family Strategies”.

Joop Huij received his Master's degree in Informatics & Economics from the Erasmus University cum laude. In 2002 he became a PhD student at RSM under the guidance of Marno Verbeek. Currently, Joop holds a position at ROBECO and a part time position as Assistant Professor at RSM.


Joop Huij & Kees van Rooijen

The jury says:
The research in this dissertation covers an area that is becoming increasingly more important. The study really gives new insights into “mutual funds”. The quality of the dissertation is high and belongs to the world top 5%. It is therefore not surprising that four chapters of this dissertation have been published in international top journals and that Joop Huij collaborates with international leading scholars in this area. The jury consisted of the Academic Directors of the three KNAW research schools in Management: CentER (Tilburg University), METEOR (Maastricht University), and SOM (Groningen University).

Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher: Wilco van den Heuvel

Wilco van den Heuvel received the Award for Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher. Wilco is researcher at the Econometric Institute of the Erasmus School of Economics. Moreover, he is an entrepreneurial researcher who explores new fields of research. A year ago, at the ERIM Awards Ceremony of 2007, Wilco van den Heuvel received the NWO-VENI grant for his project: Reducing the Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains.


Wilco van den Heuvel

The jury says:
The jury decided unanimously to select Wilco van den Heuvel for this award on the basis of his outstanding publications on Production Scheduling in top scientific journals such as Operations Research. This is also reflected in the fact that he received an NWO Veni Grant on the new topic of ‘Reducing the Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains’. This Veni grant also shows that external reviewers not only value his past research of excellent quality but have high expectations of him for the future (as does this jury). For a young researcher his research achievements in such a short time are really outstanding. ERIM is indebted to the jury that consisted of Professors Jo van Nunen (chairman), Harry Barkema and Dick van Dijk.

Service Award: The Erasmus University Library Repository Team

The 2008 Service Award was presented to The Erasmus University Library Repository Team, currently consisting of Peter van Huisstede (coordinator), Hans Brandhorst (Specialist Electronic Publishing), Kees van Opijnen and Saziye Unal (staff members electronic publishing) of the REPUB department, working closely together with the University Library subject specialists Erik de Munck Mortier (Business Administration) and Paul Plaatsman (Economics & data librarian).


Peter van Huisstede

This award seeks to recognise the vital role played by high-quality services in supporting and enabling top academic research. The ERIM management team selects the recipients of the award as an acknowledgement of the value of these services. The recipient(s) of the award should be support staff of Erasmus University who have contributed proactively to, and are client-driven in relation to, the development of quality tools and infrastructures for the support of research and research management at Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). Recipients of this award set the standard for research services and are an example to their colleagues.

The jury says:
Since the start of the ERIM electronic series in 2000, the Repository Team has always supported ERIM's electronic series portfolio in a very professional and service oriented way. The team continuously works on improving the workflow, the quality of the metadata, and the efficient distribution of ERIM content towards platforms such as SSRN, the Social Science Research Network. Because of all this good work, the ‘time to peers’ of ERIM research is very short, and even more importantly, the ERIM Working Paper Series is currently ranked number 1 on SSRN International Business Schools (with over 65.000 downloads) and number 7 when the leading US business schools are included. This truly outstanding result for ERIM has been made possible by the professional services of the Repository Team.

Top Article Award: Ingolf Dittman & Ernst Maug


Ingolf Dittman

Ingolf Dittman & Ernst Maug has received the The Top Article Award 2008. Ingolf Dittman is Professor of Corporate Governance and Managerial Accounting at the Erasmus School of Economics and Ernst Maug is Professor for Corporate Finance at the University of Mannheim. They received the award for their article: “Lower Salaries and No Options? On the Optimal Structure of Executive Pay”, published in The Journal of Finance in 2007.

The jury says:
This is a very elegant article that is highly relevant for society. This paper provides a fresh and imaginative look at the issue of how executives should be compensated to maximize shareholders' wealth. And more specifically, is granting stock options an effective way to align the incentives of shareholders and executives? The authors show analytically that CEO-compensation should not include stock options but shares. Furthermore, a significantly lower level of fixed compensation is necessary to motivate the CEO. This result is an important contribution to the literature and addresses a ‘very hot topic’ in management. The jury consists again of the academic directors of CentER, Meteor and SOM

Book Award: Barbara Krug & Hans Hendrischke

The 2008 Book Award goes to Barbara Krug and Hans Hendrischke for their book: “The Chinese Economy in the 21st Century”, published by Edward Elgar.


Slawek Magala (Barbara Krug could not attend the ceremony)

Barbara Krug is Member of Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) and Professor Economics of Governance in the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam. Hans Hendrischke is Associate Professor in Chinese Studies and Head of the Department of Chinese and Indonesian Studies at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

The book itself is based on contributions of RSM PhD students: Jeroen Kuilman, Zhang Xueyuan, Zhu Ze and Mark Greeven in collaboration with Patrick Reinmoeller and Barbara Krug. It deals with issues of institutional change in China in areas such as entrepreneurship, networks and alliances. It highlights the importance of local institutions and local governance as crucial dimensions of China’s emerging business system.

The jury says: 
The book by Barbara Krug and Hans Hendrischke is an offspring of the NWO project ‘Shifts in Governance 2004-2008’. In the project an international research network of experts on China was established. The Book Award is a recognition of both the quality of the research and the organization of the research network that was established. The jury consists of the academic directors of CentER, Meteor and SOM.

Impact Award: Leo Kroon, Lex Schrijver, Dennis Huisman & Gábor Maróti

Leo Kroon, Lex Schrijver, Dennis Huisman & Gábor Maróti received the ERIM Impact Award for their research on: Netherlands Railways: The New Dutch Timetable—the OR Revolution. Already for fifteen years, Leo Kroon produces with his PhD students and collaborators an impressive stream of innovative research on train scheduling. Leo shows how the combination of the practical questions at NS can benefit from fundamental academic research, and vice versa. This year, this team won the very prestigious INFORMS Franz Edelman Award recognizing outstanding operations research practice. It is the very first time that a Dutch team won this award.


Impact Award Winners & Kees van Rooijen

Leo Kroon is Member of Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), Professor of Quantitative Logistics in the Department of Decision and Information Sciences at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam and senior consultant at the Netherlands Railways. Lex Schrijver is Professor of Discrete Mathematics and Optimization at the University of Amsterdam and researcher at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the national Dutch Research Center for Mathematics and Computer Science. Dennis Huisman is Member of Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) and researcher at the Econometric Institute at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), Erasmus University Rotterdam. Gábor Maróti is researcher in the Department of Decision and Information Sciences at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam.

This award is presented to researchers who have made a significant contribution to improving the impact of academic research on the practice of management.

The jury says:
This research illustrates perfectly that the profession of Operations Research can have a major impact on the practice of management of, in this case, Netherlands Railways. The new and robust timetable led to:
- more efficient use of resources, resulting in major savings of 40 to 70 million per year - more satisfied employees, and
- more satisfied customers, since the trains run more on time than ever before!
The results are concrete and simply impressive! ERIM thanks the jury from business that consisted of: Kees van den Heuvel (Director New Business Development TNT Post) and Theo Rinsema (General Manager, Microsoft Nederland BV).

Photos of the Awards Ceremony are available in the ERIM Photo Gallery.