ERIM Fellow

ERIM will evaluate the role and positioning of the ERIM Fellows as part of the full update of the ERIM Membership Charter, to be implemented as of 1 January 2017. By default, the appointment of all current Fellows will be terminated as of 31 December 2016; we strive to implement the new criteria for appointment and evaluation of ERIM Fellows as of 1 January 2017. Further consultation and discussion will take place during 2016.

An ERIM Fellow is a (Co-)Director of one of the ERIM Research Programmes.


Senior (professor level) Faculty of EUR: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) / Erasmus School of Economics (ESE).


  • Provide academic leadership to an ERIM research programme, covering one of the domains of ERIM;
  • Actively and collaboratively participating in activities related to research programme development, research ethics policy, periodic research assessments, evaluations and accreditations of ERIM and its programmes;
  • Building the reputation of the research programme and the ERIM Doctoral Programme in the international research community;
  • Actively contributing to the visibility and reputation of ERIM, through academic and societal impact, valorisation, acquisition of (large) grants, and collaboration with business and industry;
  • Being actively committed to ERIM to establish and implement ERIM’s strategic goals;
  • Initiating, coordinating and stimulating external funding initiatives for top grants;
  • Coaching early and mid-career talent;
  • Supervising ERIM doctoral students and being willing to teach in the ERIM Doctoral Programme.


  • These are identical to the benefits of an ERIM Member.


Appointment and Evaluation Procedure

A Fellow is nominated by the Scientific Director and appointed by the Dean of the ‘penvoerende faculteit’ (RSM). The duration of the appointment is five years. Fellow appointments are not automatically renewed, and may be terminated earlier if a Fellow no longer meets the Membership criteria or if he/she demonstrates shortcomings in the management of the research programme or its commitment to ERIM.