Research Data Management

Five working groups have started working to identify a set of minimum and best practices with respect to these different phases of data management. Each group dealt with a specific research strategy (surveys; experiments; existing or collectible data; qualitative studies; and quantitative modelling). A list of recommendations for data storage was distributed in June 2012 after consultation with each of the research programmes; it is available via MyERIM (login required).

The exchange of methodological practices and insights, in the form of more permanent “Method Interest Groups” (MIGs) will be further explored. These MIGs should provide a platform for exchanging practices and insights, and offering expert advice, across the ERIM programmes / disciplines.

Each MIG would consist of about five people, with representation from each ERIM programme where appropriate. In this way, the advisory role for individual researchers can be performed at a “local” level, which should improve accessibility.

At EUR level, initiatives are being developed about which data storage and archiving functionalities should be made available to help improve data transparency and verifiability of (empirical) research, development of policies and protocols. The ultimate objective is that for each publication, data is safely and reliably stored, and that through these functionalities researchers are also supported and encouraged to share data.

The University Library and the University Support Centre ITS have made a SURFdrive service available for the EUR, specifically for cross-university collaborations. The service can be accessed via (login required). Please also take a look at for more information on research data management.

In the coming months data storage support will also be offered from within the ERIM office, and to help ERIM researchers to get used to the new storage facilities and (retroactively) archive data for papers published in recent years. The role of the Methodology Interest Groups (MIG’s) in developing this support will be actively sought.