Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation

This project focuses on the transfer of sustainability strategies in firms towards innovation. The theme of this project proposal aims both at companies that are leaders in sustainable innovation, and companies which have developed a sustainability strategy but have not yet fully implemented it in terms of innovation. In this project we investigate which innovation processes are appropriate to develop innovations that are successful from a commercial and sustainability perspective. Innovation processes include both firm-internal processes and collaboration with external stakeholders and knowledge networks. The project applies case study research, experiments and field studies.

The project will provide practical insights and tools for industry. For leaders, the project provides visions of ways to manage the sustainable innovation over the value chain of products. For followers, the project provides innovation processes to be applied in their firm. The project addresses the themes of design paradigms and brand value, and focuses on the consequences for product development processes. The project is clearly industry-generic, and the results are highly applicable and relevant for industry. The partner network consists of reputable firms, the majority of them multinationals, and two consultancy firms. The project team consists of experienced researchers with a strong record of academic and industry output.