Programme Overview

The course part of the PhD programme consists of in total 40 ECTS (1 ECTS is approximately equal to 28 hours). PhD candidates will have to have finished the courses by the end of the second year. At the end of the first year they should have finished at least 25 ECTS. The remaining ECTS should be obtained in the second year. The courses are a compulsory part of the PhD programme and at the end of both the first and the second years PhD candidates will have to report to the ERIM programme coordinator about the courses they have taken and passed.

In the ERIM PhD programme, the PhD candidate and his/her supervisor(s) jointly develop a course plan that helps the PhD candidate develop the knowledge and research skills necessary to become a specialised researcher. Three months after the PhD candidate has entered the programme, he/she submits a course plan which contains the courses he/she intends to take. These courses should complement the PhD candidate's existing knowledge and skills and be helpful in carrying out the research project. This means that each PhD candidate will compose a programme that is customised to his/her individual needs and interests. The course plan consists of three types of courses: core courses, skill training, and specialisation courses. Please note that the core courses and the skill training are only open to PhD candidates participating in the ERIM PhD Programme.

Research Methodology and Research Methods (at least 10 ECTS)

The aim of these courses is to familiarise PhD candidates with research methodologies and applications in the domain of management research. Methodology makes explicit the scientific frame in which research is conducted; scientific rules which have to be adhered to in executing research. PhD’s choose a minimum of two of the methodology courses offered.

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Skills (6 ECTS)

In this part of the programme the writing, presenting, and research skills of the PhD candidates are trained. English, Scientific Integrity and Publishing Strategy are compulsory courses; furthermore, a number of other skill courses/workshops are offered every year, that are not obligatory.

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Advanced Courses

The main part of ERIM PhD programme consists of advanced courses. Each PhD candidate will compose an individual programme with courses that he/she plans to take. These courses will be in the field in which the PhD candidate is conducting his/her research and enhance specialised knowledge and research skills. ERIM fellows are involved in teaching a number of advanced courses.

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ERIM PhD candidates can also decide to follow courses outside ERIM. Several national and international networks and programmes provide high quality specialised courses. Examples of these networks are:

Furthermore, PhD candidates can also follow courses in the doctoral programmes of other (foreign) universities and research schools. 

Research Proposal

At the end of the first year PhD candidates have to submit a written research proposal which describes the question(s), positioning, method and so on, of the research they are going to carry out in the remaining three years they are in the PhD programme. Two experts in the field in which the research is done will review the proposal. Based on their reviews a decision will be made as to whether PhD candidates can continue their research or will have to leave the programme.