Open PhD project at the Econometric Institute in Operations Research or Quantitative Logistics



The Econometric Institute is one of the leading research groups in quantitative logistics in Europe. The group has an opening for PhD students with an interest in operations research or quantitative logistics. The exact topic of the PhD project will be decided upon in coordination with the candidate. Promotores are Rommert Dekker and/or Albert Wagelmans depending on the preferred topic.


Operations research, operations management, quantitative logistics


The aim of the research group is to be at the academic forefront of the developments in transportation, logistics and supply chain management in interaction with business intelligence systems, and to make major contributions to both management science and management practice. Particular topics of interest for the open PhD position are:

  • Service, reverse and green logistics: service logistics concerns all logistical activities after a sale has been completed and concerns provision of spare parts and maintenance. Reverse logistics concerns all logistic activities to recover value from discarded products. Finally green logistics concerns all environmental aspects related to logistics;
  • Transportation optimisation: the goal is to improve the performance of passenger and cargo transportation systems, in particular the Port of Rotterdam;
  • Health care optimisation: here we develop models and methods to increase efficiency in health care institutions and to increase the quality of care;

While our research is often motivated by real-world applications, its focus is on the development of new analytic approaches to advance science and society. This usually entails building new mathematical models and/or developing new solution methods or methodologies. In our view, each of the topics mentioned above will remain relevant and challenging in the coming years.


Depends on the preferred topic of candidate and supervisor.

Literature references

Depends on the preferred topic of candidate and supervisor.

Expected output

4 publications in top journals in operations research or operations management.


Depends on the preferred topic of candidate and supervisor.

Societal relevance

Depends on the preferred topic of candidate and supervisor.

Scientific relevance

Depends on the preferred topic of candidate and supervisor.

PhD candidate profile

We are looking for highly motivated students who want to pursue an academic career in operations research or operations management. Potential candidates should have strong analytical and mathematical skills. A Master's degree in Econometrics, Operations Research, Mathematics or Engineering with excellent grades is preferred. 

Contact information

For academic questions only. For procedural questions, contact the Doctoral Office.


Monday, 15 January 2018

Supervisory Team

Rommert Dekker
Professor of Econometrics (Operations Research and Informatics)
  • Promotor
Albert Wagelmans
Professor of Econometrics (Management Science)
  • Promotor