Doctoral Thesis Leveraging the International Context: Essays On Building Offshoring Capabilities and Enhancing Firm Innovation

Defended on Thursday, 1 October 2015


This project investigates the management of geographically dispersed product development activities. It addresses the effects of different methods of task division in such activities, focusing on radical product development projects. Two types of division of tasks will be investigated: division based on different parts of the product (specific technologies or functionalities, aesthetics), and division according to stages in the process. The question concerns the conditions that affect the choice between different methods of task division. Conditions include the dynamics of the market and the type of knowledge involved (tacit, explicit). The project studies both divisions of tasks within (multinational) firms, as well as between firms.


Offshoring, Internationalization, Innovation, Foreign Subsidiaries, Systematic Review, Qualitative studies, Quantitative studies, Theoretical studies

Time frame

2011 - 2014

Preferred reference

M. Mihalache, Leveraging the International Context, Jan van den Ende,


Mashiho Mihalache
Mashiho Mihalache


Jan van den Ende
Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Promotor

Committee Members

Jos van Hillegersberg
Jos van Hillegersberg
Hans van Kranenburg
Hans van Kranenburg
Andrea Prencipe
Andrea Prencipe
Erik van Raaij
Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management in Healthcare
Henk Volberda
Professor of Strategic Management & Business Policy