In progress Coordination Modes for Port Inter-Organizational Information Systems



Inter-organizational information sharing is at the core of many modern business innovations; and accordingly inter-organizational information systems get to serve ever increasing number of different purposes. In this research proposal we suggest to focus on how the interaction of independent organizations is organized within the ecosystem of a given inter-organizational information system. We believe that there is an array of coordination modes and respective coordination mechanisms that can be used for the inter-firm coordination with the purpose of facilitating information exchange. We propose that the choice of the coordination mechanisms influences the resulting characteristics of the use and adoption of the information system, namely the content and volume of information being exchange and the number of adopters and active users. We intend to conduct a comparative case study of five port inter-organizational information systems in order to answer our research question and use game theoretical approach in order to model the influence of different coordination mechanisms on the information sharing characteristics.


coordination mode, platform, inter-organizational information system, IOS, port community system

Time frame

2011 - 2014

Supervisory Team

Eric van Heck
Professor of Information Management and Markets
  • Promotor
Rob Zuidwijk
Endowed Professor of Ports in Global Networks
  • Copromotor