PhD in Finance

The finance faculty at RSM is a vibrant and diverse group consisting of leading international researchers. Our faculty undertakes world-class research that is regularly published in the top academic journals. 

We are looking for highly motivated candidates that have an interest in undertaking challenging and rigorous research. Besides a background in finance, we also welcome applicants with an education in Economics or Econometrics. 

Candidates should indicate in their cover letter which field best matches their interest: 

  • Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Banking and Financial Intermediation 

If applicants have already an idea for a research project, they can briefly describe it in their Statement of Purpose. This, however, is not a requirement.


Finance, Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Banking


Students choose topics of their own interest, in consultation with their advisors. Our faculty has particular strengths in the following areas: 

  • Asset pricing: asset management, financial markets, sustainable finance
  • Corporate finance: private equity, corporate governance, M&As
  • Banking and financial intermediation: financial regulation, FinTech 

A list of recent publications by our faculty can be found here

Each project should aim to contribute to and advance our knowledge in the field of finance, and be undertaken using appropriate methodology. Typically, students work on their first project together with their advisor(s), and gradually become more independent over time. At least one of the papers should be a single authored paper. Students are also encouraged to undertake research with other faculty members, as well as fellow students. Most of our students target the academic market after their PhD, and seek employment as a (tenure-track) assistant professor.


The research methodology may be of empirical, theoretical or experimental nature. During the first two years of the PhD, students will be taught a diverse set of approaches, comprising the main methodologies that are currently used in the profession.

Required Profile

Candidates should have a strong interest in finance, but not necessarily an MSc or MPhil degree in finance since the PhD program involves a thorough curriculum of finance courses. Candidates ideally also have a strong background in micro-economics, econometrics, quantitative economics and/or computational economics.

Expected output

The research will result in three to four articles, which will be targeted for publication in the top finance journals. In addition, a PhD thesis will be completed that combines these articles.


PhD researchers will typically visit a leading international university (3 to 6 months) to get new stimulus for their research projects, and to deepen their international network.

Literature references

RSM Finance is part of the Erasmus Finance Group, which also includes finance faculty of the Erasmus School of Economics. RSM Finance has access to excellent research facilities, including most major databases (WRDS, CRSP, Compustat, Datastream, Dealscan, Bloomberg, I/B/E/S, Thomson One Banker, TAQ, CRSP Mutual Funds, SDC, ExecuComp, OptionMetrics, etc.).

RSM Finance is supported by the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) through extensive research support to our faculty for organizing and attending conferences, journal submissions, outbound and inbound research visits, databases, etc. Erasmus Finance runs an active weekly seminar series with speakers from top international schools, separate brown bag and PhD seminars, several annual conferences, and a visitor program with eminent finance scholars. For more information see