Graduation Procedure

The ERIM Research Master graduation is administered by the EUR Examination Administration (not by the ERIM Doctoral Office) and is different from the RSM MSc graduation procedure.

You can find all the possible graduation dates in the Graduation Planner. Please note that this tool only shows you which timeslots are currently available for your thesis defense. However, you will still need to visit the Examination Administration (E Building, Ground Floor) to book your official appointment. Note that this is not a booking tool, nor does it guarantee that your desired timeslot is still available when you make your appointment.

To prepare for your thesis defence, you need to do the following:

  1. Finish all the required courses and receive all the grades (don't forget the Thesis Proposal Writing, Research Seminars, Research Clinic, English and Presentation Skills). Your courses should be finished around 8 weeks before the intended grauation date.
  2. Make sure all the grades are correct in Osiris (please double-check!)
  3. If you have followed some courses that are not part of your track curriculum, make sure that you have a written permission from the Examination Board to include them in your study programme. If you miss one or more permissions, please request them as soon as possible. You can download the request form on the Examination Regulations page.
  4. Fill in the list of your courses and grades in the Coursework Overview file and return it to the ERIM Doctoral Office ( at least 6 weeks before your intended graduation date.
  5. This step is optional. Upon request of the student, the Examination Board may decide to keep the master thesis from being publicly accessible for a duration of two years. To request this arrangement, the Confidentiality Form is available at the ERIM Doctoral Office.
  6. To book your graduation date you need to hand in the Admission to the Master Thesis Defence form to the Examination Administration (E Building, Ground Floor) ultimately 4 weeks before your intended graduation date. Please note that this form needs to be signed by all the members of your supervisory team.
  7. You must submit your final electronic thesis by email to the Examination Administration and to the ERIM Doctoral Office ultimately 10 working days before your planned thesis defence date. Please follow these intructions for the submission of your electronic thesis.
  8. Prepare well for your defence, show up on time and well-rested and good luck!
  9. Bring a copy of your diploma and the final transcript to the ERIM Doctoral Office.