Erasmus Behavioural Lab (EBL)

The Erasmus Behavioural Lab (EBL) is a state-of-the-art facility where you can conduct experimental behavioural research of high quality. 


  • EEG- labs
    Neuroimaging by localising brain activity precisely and in real-time 

  • Eye-tracking lab 
    Tracking what a user looking at and for how long

  • Video labs 
    Digitally recording group interactions

  • 28 cubicles 
    Large numbers of participants in isolation

  • Autonomous measurement systems 
    Registering automatic and partly unconscious bodily responses

Subject pools

Subjects can easily be recruited from two subject pools:

  • ERPS: course credit-driven participants

  • EURO: paid subjects

For more information you can visit the EBL website.