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Past Events

Mon. 16 Oct. 2017
Let's have a real dialogue about the "perspective problem"
Jim Detert (University of Virginia)
Mon. 9 Oct. 2017
Mindfulness and Work-related Well-being: From Theory to Practice
Ute Hülsheger (Maastricht University)
Wed. 20 Sep. 2017
Dealing with Team Change: Status Shocks and the Behaviors Leading to Status Stability
Stephen Humphrey (Pennsylvania State University)
Tue. 12 Sep. 2017
When the resource impoverished are most vulnerable: The Regulation of Emotions at Work over time.
Anya Johnson (University of Sydney)
Helena Nguyen (University of Sydney)
Mon. 22 May. 2017
New directions for compensation research using self-determination theory
Marylène Gagné (University of Western Australia)
Mon. 8 May. 2017
The hidden costs of financial incentives at work are in the eye of the beholder
Stacey Parker (University of Queensland)
Wed. 28 Sep. 2016
A Method for Analysis of Ideal Types and Configurations
Torsten Biemann (University of Mannheim)
Fri. 11 Mar. 2016
Solutions To The Credibility Crisis In (Management) Science
Will Felps (University of New South Wales)
Wed. 24 Feb. 2016
Social identity and stress: Some studies and a meta-analysis
Rolf van Dick (Goethe University Frankfurt)