Estoril Conferences: Global Challenges, Local Answers

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, represented by the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies, is one of the academic partners of the second edition of the Estoril Conferences, that will take place at the Estoril Congress Centre, Portugal between 3 and 6 May 2011. RSM is the co-organisor of the Estoril Academy that takes places in de morning of May 4th. The theme of this academy is: Ethics and Global Leadership for the XXIst Century. This academy is organised in order to reflect on the ethical and leadership challenges brought by globalisation and emphasized by the recent financial crisis.

In our fast changing world, the growing interdependence among the different actors and regions poses both challenges and opportunities that require an increasingly profound analysis. Through their innovative approach, the Estoril Conferences embody the operational concept of “problem-solving”, starting from the presupposition that the problems are global and require both global and local solutions. Thus, the relationship between global and local is a theme common to all the annual editions.

May 4th
09h00 – 09h15 Opening of the Academy
George Yip, Dean of RSM

09h15 – 10h00 Ethical Leadership – what went wrong in the financial crisis?
Steffen Giessner, RSM

10h00 – 10h45 Globalisation – how can organisations deal with complexity?
Alex Bennet, Mountain Quest Institute

11h00 – 11h45 The UN Agenda XXI Initiative
Joana Correia da Silva, Agenda XXI Cascais

11h45 – 12h30 Servant Leadership – a new leadership paradigm for the XXIst Century
Dirk van Dierendonck, RSM

12h30 – 12h45 Closing of the Academy

For more information on the conference, see the Estoril website