New Directions in Leadership Research Conference

The 2014 New Directions in Leadership Research Conference will take place from the 19th until the 20th June 2014 at the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies.

Leadership research holds a central place in management. If anything, the recent financial crisis and the economic and political situation of many organizations have increased our interest in understanding and developing effective leadership. This is reflected in many rapidly emerging areas of investigation, such as ethical leadership, leadership and fairness, servant leadership, identity-based leadership, team leadership, leadership and diversity, and leadership and creativity/innovation, but also in important extensions of many established areas of leadership research, such as personality, charismatic-transformational leadership, and leader-member exchange theories.

The NDLR is co-organized by the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) the Fuqua/Coach K Center On Leadership and Ethics (COLE) at Duke University, Wharton at University of Pennsylvania, and INSEAD. The conference brings together key researchers in the field of leadership and researchers that would not typically consider themselves leadership researchers but whose work has important implications for our understanding of leadership. In doing so, it presents a diverse and stimulating set of perspectives intended to advance the leadership field. By keeping the meeting small and informal – there will be no more than 20 presenting and 20 non-presenting delegates – the conference is able to create an intimate and highly interactive atmosphere that allows participants to optimally benefit from this diversity of perspectives.

Previous conferences have been enthusiastically received by presenting and non-presenting participants alike and praised for their stimulating diversity of perspectives that goes beyond the ‘usual suspects’ in leadership research (for a taste of these previous conferences, please visit the INSEAD website.

The meeting will provide a lively exchange of research ideas and research questions. Below you can see a (preliminary) list of the presenters at the conference.

Drew Carton Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Roderick Swaab  INSEAD
Guoli Chen  INSEAD
Ashleigh Rosette  Fuqua School of Business
Peter Edelman  Berenschot Consulting & RSM
David Rast III  Sheffield University School of Management
Dave Harrison  McCombs School of Business
Eric Kearney  University of Potsdam
Dan Cable  London Business School
Brent Scott  Eli Broad College of Business
Brad Kirkman  Poole College of Management
Steve Kozlowski  Michigan State University
Andrew Knight  Olin Business School
Hannes Leroy  Johnson Graduate School of Management
John Schaubroeck  Eli Broad College of Business
Huiwen Lian  HKST Business School
Russ Johnson  Eli Broad College of Business
Ena Inesi  London Business School