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Abe de Jong
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Professor of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance

Finance & Accounting
ERIM Membership:
Fellow ERIM, affiliated since 2001

Abe de Jong is a professor of corporate finance and corporate governance at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

His research and teaching interests are in the area of empirical corporate finance and include capital structure choice, dividend policy, risk management, corporate investment and divestment policies, and corporate governance.

In addition, his work also examines the history of governance and finance in the Netherlands.

Professor de Jong obtained his PhD in finance from Tilburg University in 1999.

Work in progress
  • Jong, A. de, Colvin, C. & Fliers, P. (2014). Predicting the past: Understanding the causes of bank distress in the Netherlands in the 1920s’. Explorations in Economic History.
Publications (94)
  • Books (2)
    • Jong, A. de, Colli, A. & Jes Iversen, M. (2012). Mapping European corporations; strategy, structure, ownership and performance. London: Routledge.
    • De Jong, A. (1999). An empirical analysis of capital structure decisions in Dutch firms (Dissertation Series). Tilburg: CentER.
  • Book contributions (10)
    • Jong, A. de, Jonker, Joost & Röell, A. (2013). Dutch corporate finance, 1602-1850’. In Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions and Infrastructure.
    • De Jong, Abe, Jonker, Joost & Gelderblom, Oscar (2011). An Admiralty for Asia, Business Organization and the Evolution of Corporate Governance in the Dutch Republic, 1590-1610. In The Origins of Shareholder Advocacy. Palgrave Macmillan.
    • De Jong, A., DeJong, D., Mertens, G.M.H. & Roosenboom, P.G.J. (2010). Royal Ahold: The role of corporate governance. In G. Aras & D. Crowther (Eds.), A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (pp. 595-619). Burlington: Gower Publishing Limited.
    • De Jong, Abe, Van der Poel, Marieke & Wolfswinkel, M. (2007). Corporate Governance and Acquisitions: Acquirer Wealth Effects in the Netherlands. In G. Gregoriou & L. Renneboog (Eds.), Corporate Governance and Regulatory Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions: Research and Analysis on Activity Worldwide since 1990 (pp. 131-161). Elsevier.
    • De Jong, A. & Roëll, Ailsa (2006). The financing of Dutch firms: a historical perspective. In L. Renneboog (Ed.), Advances in Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing (pp. 341-364). Amsterdam: Elsevier.
    • Gispert, C., De Jong, A., Kabir, R. & Renneboog, L. (2005). The impact of corporate governance on form performance and growth potential: an analysis of three different European governance regimes. In I. Filatotchev & M. Wright (Eds.), The Life Cycle of Corporate Governance (pp. 233-252). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
    • De Jong, A. & Moerland, P.W.. (2002). 'Corporate governance, beschermingsconstructies en ondernemingsstrategie'. In J.C.K.W. Bartel & R.A.I. van Frederikslust (Eds.), Fusies and acquisities (pp. 315-333).
    • De Jong, A. (2001). 'Corporate governance and economic performance: the Netherlands'. In K. Gugler (Ed.), 'Corporate governance and Economic Performance'. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • De Jong, A., Kabir, R., Marra, T. & Roëll, Ailsa (2001). 'Ownership and control in the Netherlands'. In F. Barca & M. Becht (Eds.), The control of corporate Europe (FEEM studies in economics). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • De Jong, A. & Veld, C. (2000). 'Inkoop van eigen aandelen: internationaal empirisch onderzoek'. In Moerland, P.W. (Ed.), 'Economische, institutionele en juridische aspecten van inkoop eigen aandelen? (pp. 55-78).
  • Inaugural speech
    • De Jong, Abe (2006). De ratio van corporate governance. Rotterdam: ERIM.
  • Professional publications (14)
    • De Jong, Abe, Hooghiemstra, R.B.H. & Rinsum, M. van (2013). Attracting non-executive directors to the board. RSM Insight, 15(3), 11-12.
    • De Jong, A., Huijgen, C., Marra, T.A. & Roosenboom, P.G.J. (2012). Why do firms go public? RSM Insight, 9(1), 18-19.
    • De Jong, A., Roosenboom, P.G.J., Verbeek, M.J.C.M. & Verwijmeren, P. (2007). Hedgefondsen en private equity in Nederland. Den Haag: Ministerie van Financien.
    • De Jong, A. & Roëll, Ailsa (2005). Financing and control in the Netherlands: a historical perspective. In R.K. Morck (Ed.), A history of corporate governance around the world (pp. 467-515). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    • Donker, H., Hooghiemstra, R.B.H., De Jong, A., Mertens, G.M.H. & Roosenboom, P.G.J. (2004). Corporate governance in Nederland 2004: De opvolging van de code geïnventariseerd. Amsterdam: NCGS/NICG.
    • De Jong, A., Jong, D.V. de, Mertens, G.M.H. & Wasley, Ch. (2004). International corporate governance and performance. Rotterdam: SCGOP.
    • De Jong, A., Mertens, G.M.H. & Roosenboom, P.G.J. (2003). Aandeelhoudersvergaderingen in Nederland 1998-2002. Rotterdam: Erasmus.
    • De Jong, A. & Roosenboom, P.G.J. (2002). Inventarisatie corporate governance bij Nederlandse beursondernemingen. In Corporate governance in Nederland 2002: De stand van zaken. Nederlandse Corporate Governance Stichting.
    • De Jong, A. (2000). 'Corporate governance en vermogensstructuur'. Treasury, 2(1/2), 35-41.
    • De Jong, A. & Veld, C. (2000). 'Inkoop van eigen aandelen: internationaal empirisch onderzoek'. Risico & Rendement, 29(Dec), D.9.4-01-D.9.4-20.
    • De Jong, A. (1999). 'Corporate governance en vermogensstructuur'. Tijdschrift Financieel Management, 19(5), 38-44.
    • De Jong, A. & Veld, C. (1999). 'Unilever's superdividend'. Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 163-163.
    • De Jong, A., Veld, C. & Grazell, J. (1998). 'Alternatieve onderzoeksmethoden in de ondernemingsfinanciering'. MAB, 72(5), 259-267.
    • De Jong, A. (1997). 'Het meten van de hedge-effectiviteit van valuta-futures'. Tijdschrift voor Corporate Finance, 2, 83-94.
Recognitions (2)
  • Side position (1)
    Name organisation University of Groningen
    Role Professor of Financial Accounting
    Start date 01-05-2009
    Wage earning nee

  • ERIM Awards (1)
    Name ERIM Impact Award
    Year 2005

PhD Projects (11)

Corporate Governance, Firm Risk and Shareholder Value of Dutch Firms

Michiel Wolfswinkel
PhD Candidate: Michiel Wolfswinkel Role: Supervisor Defended: 08 March 2013 Full text: Download this thesis

The Impact of Investor Demand on Security Offerings

Eric Duca
PhD Candidate: Eric Duca Role: Supervisor Defended: 08 September 2011 Full text: Download this thesis

Capital Structure Determinants and Governance Structure Variety in Franchising

Tao Jiang
PhD Candidate: Tao Jiang Role: Supervisor Defended: 20 February 2009 Full text: Download this thesis

Empirical Essays on Debt, Equity, and Convertible Securities

Patrick Verwijmeren
PhD Candidate: Patrick Verwijmeren Role: Supervisor Defended: 18 December 2008 Full text: Download this thesis

Capital Structure, Strategic Competition, and Governance

Thuy Nguyen
PhD Candidate: Thuy Nguyen Role: Supervisor Defended: 27 November 2008 Full text: Download this thesis

Empirical Essays in Corporate Finance and Financial Reporting

Marieke van der Poel
PhD Candidate: Marieke van der Poel Role: Supervisor Defended: 18 September 2008 Full text: Download this thesis

Corporate Bond Issuers

Willem Schramade
PhD Candidate: Willem Schramade Role: Supervisor Defended: 23 November 2006 Full text: Download this thesis

Empirical Studies on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Policies

Petra Danisevska
PhD Candidate: Petra Danisevska Role: Co-supervisor Defended: 30 September 2004 Full text: Download this thesis
Doctoral courses (2)
2012/2013 ERIM Research Clinic Finance
Code: BERM.RC.005
Course level: Clinic

2012/2013 Empirical Corporate Finance
Code: BERM.SC.065
Course level: Specialisation

Events (79)
Jun 23, 2014 The Effect of Dutch Big Linkers on Corporate Policies and Performance, 1908-2003
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 26, 2014 The Globalisation of Brands and the Comeback of the Swiss Watch Industry on the World Market, 1980-2010
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 12, 2014 The Historcal Positioning of the Port of Antwerp with Regard to Container Traffic (1970-2012)
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 14, 2014 Initial Public Offerings at the Berlin Stock Exchange, 1871-1938
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 24, 2014 Diplomacy and International Bankers in Andean countries, 1890-1914
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Feb 10, 2014 Comedy and Catastrophe: Quincampoix in the Kalverstraat
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 27, 2014 Fashion Prediction as a Mediation Movement vs. the Common Top-down Theory (Paris, 1825-1975).
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 13, 2014 Why is Rotterdam the largest oil port of Western Europe? The case of the Trans-European pipeline plan, 1956-1958.
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Dec 9, 2013 Cinema, Community and Zanzibari Capitalism: A History of the Film Exhibition and Distribution Industries in Tanzania
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Nov 18, 2013 Family Philanthropy in the Global Economy: A Comparison of US, German and Spanish Foundations (1970s-2000s)
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 28, 2013 Anton Kroller (1862-1941), Innovative Entrepreneur or Notorious Speculator?
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 7, 2013 Competing in a Changing World: A Comparison Between DSM and Solvay in the Chemical Industry, 1970-2010.
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Sep 23, 2013 The Yanks of Europe? Technological Change and Labor Productivity in German Manufacturing, 1909-1936
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jun 24, 2013 The C&A Retail Chain in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, 1911-1961: Design of a Research Project and First Findings
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 13, 2013 The Color Revolution: How Color Became a Tool for American Designers
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 22, 2013 Department Stores, Mail Order Catalogues and the Fashion Market: Italy in the Late 19th Century
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 8, 2013 Why Did Early Industrial Capitalists Suggest Minimum Wages and Social Insurance?
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 11, 2013 (Re)financing the Slave Trade with the Royal African Company in the Boom Markets of 1720
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Feb 11, 2013 Unobtanium: The Pursuit of Technological Innovation and the Metals That Made It
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 7, 2013 The Wartime Dutch Art Market in Broader Perspective
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Dec 10, 2012 Risk Management Strategies in International Business
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Nov 30, 2012 Academic Symposium on Family Business
  ERIM Research Seminar | Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Nov 19, 2012 Capitalism in the Low Countries, 13th-18th centuries
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 29, 2012 A case of business failure: The Netherlands Trading Company (NHM) in Japan, 1859-1881
  ERIM Research Colloquium |

Oct 8, 2012 Entrepreneurship in medieval England
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Sep 24, 2012 The Determinants of Bank Failure: Evidence from the Dutch Financial Crisis of the 1920s
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Sep 10, 2012 An early modern factory between state and market: labour and management at the Amsterdam naval shipyard (1660-1795)?
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jun 28, 2012 Italian mysteries or how to survive with the fourth biggest sovereign debt in the world
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jun 25, 2012 Waste, money, and time: Towards a business history of waste management in the UK and West Germany, 1945-1990
  ERIM Research Seminar | Finance

Jun 4, 2012 Changing perspectives on the company and its enterprise, 1928-1971
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 21, 2012 Occupied Economies
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 14, 2012 Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) in Business History Principles and an application
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 16, 2012 A Century of British Firm - Bank Relationships: Why the Transition to Multiple Banking?
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 2, 2012 A Dutch Multinationals' Miracle in Post-war Germany
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 19, 2012 Brands and Marketing Knowledge in Mergers and Acquisitions in the 20th Century: Testing the Da Silva Lopes Model
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Feb 27, 2012 A Crisis of Self-employment in Germany in the 1970s? German Entrepreneurship in International Comparison
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 30, 2012 Manufacturing Creativity
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 9, 2012 Summer in The City: The 1974 international banking crisis in London and its implications for regulatory reform
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Dec 12, 2011 French Enterprises During WW2: First Report of a Collective Research Programme
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Nov 21, 2011 The case of US companies in Switzerland
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 31, 2011 Coping with the Leviathan. Minority Shareholders in State-owned Enterprises: evidence from Italy
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 10, 2011 The Generic Industry Fallacy; How global low drug price policies are threatening the sustainability of a low price industry
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Sep 26, 2011 Dutch-German Coal Business, 1918-1925, The Impact of War on a transnational business relationship; The Rhenish Westphalian Coal Syndicate and the Coal Trade Association
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Sep 5, 2011 Project Management and the Financing of Mega Projects: the Case of the Channel Tunnel
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jun 27, 2011 US' Anti-trust Policy in Post-war Italy
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 19, 2011 Fifth Financial History Workshop
  Conference |

May 16, 2011 Patent Protection During the Industrial Revolution in England: Who and What Would Be Protected by the Courts?
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 18, 2011 Trusting the Messenger? The Emergence and Evolution of Media Brands in News and Entertainment
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 4, 2011 The Rhine; Backbone of Dutch-German Economic Interdependence 1918-1933
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 14, 2011 "Mendicant Missions": FDI Attraction Policy in Scotland 1945-1980
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Feb 21, 2011 The Emergence of Norwegian Economic Nationalism 1900-1930
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 31, 2011 Secrecy and Transaction Costs: The Business of Soviet Forced Labour in the Early Cold War
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 10, 2011 Innovation, Industrial Competitiveness and British Regions in the Interwar Period
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Dec 13, 2010 Permanent Capital and Risk Management: The case of the VOC 1613 insurance contract
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Nov 22, 2010 A Broken Dream: The Economist
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Nov 1, 2010 The value of bank relationships: Evidence from Belgium at the start of the Great Depression
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 11, 2010 The Rhenish-Westfalian Coal Syndicate 1893-1930: A clay colossus?
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Sep 20, 2010 Popular Imperialism: The British Pop Music Business 1950 - 1975
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Aug 30, 2010 South Asians in East Africa (1880-1920) with a Particular Focus on Zanzibar: Toward a Historical Explanation of Economic Success of a Middlemen Minority
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jun 7, 2010 Eating Landscape: Marketing Agricultural Products as Aesthetic Experience in the Twentieth Century
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 31, 2010 The Second World War, Neutrality and International Business: The Twin Structures of Swiss Multinational Enterprises to Address Political Risks
  ERIM Research Seminar |

May 17, 2010 Inter-Firm Relations in Global Manufacturing: Disintegrated Production and its Globalization
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 26, 2010 Struggling for Legitimacy, the Dutch Temporary Work Agency Industry, 1961-1996
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Apr 12, 2010 Shadow factories in Britain and Germany: Towards an international model of war economies in the 1930s and the Second World War
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 15, 2010 The Swiss Business Elite (1980-2000): How the Changing Elite Composition Explains the Decline of the Company Network
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 10, 2010 Reflections from the Mirror of Folly: The Adventures of Lord Londonderry in the Stock Markets of Paris, Amsterdam, and London in the bubbles of 1719-1720
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Mar 1, 2010 Rent Seeking and Government-Business Relations in Contemporary China
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Feb 1, 2010 God and Risk: Religious Banking in Two Rural Dutch Communities in the Early 20th Century
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Jan 11, 2010 The Role of Black Markets in Occupied Europe
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Dec 7, 2009 Writing History for the Business Man: The development of business history between 'old' and 'new' production of knowledge
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Nov 16, 2009 Transferring and Transforming Management Knowledge: How American Management Theory Helped to Legitimize German Codetermination
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 26, 2009 Where Corporate Culture and Local Markets Meet: Music and Film Majors in the Netherlands, 1990-2005
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 9, 2009 Workshop on European Business Models
  ERIM Research Seminar |

Oct 5, 2009 From International to Transnational Finance: The New Face of Global Capital Markets
  ERIM Research Seminar | Finance

Sep 14, 2009 The Trauma of Competition
  ERIM Research Seminar | Finance

Feb 2, 2009 ERIM Honours Programme in Research in Management 2008-2009
  ERIM Honours Programme |

Sep 19, 2008 Corporate Finance Day
  Conference | Finance

Oct 6, 2006 "De Ratio van Corporate Governance"
  ERIM Inaugural Address Research in Management Series | Finance

Jan 1, 2000 Beauty Industry
  ERIM Research Seminar |

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3062 PA, Rotterdam
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Abe de Jong @AbeDeJong

Work in progress

  • Jong, A. de, Colvin, C. & Fliers, P. (2014). Predicting the past: Understanding the causes of bank distress in the Netherlands in the 1920s’. Explorations in Economic History.

Latest publication

Fliers, P.T., Colvin, C.L. & De Jong, Abe (2014). Predicting the Past: Understanding the Causes of Bank Distress in the Netherlands in the 1920s. In Explorations in Economic History. Elsevier.

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Advances in Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing

From a financial perspective, the past decade was remarkable. It is characterized by an unprecedented number…

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