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D. (Damir) Vandic

PhD Candidate

Damir Vandic
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Logistics & Information Systems
ERIM Membership:
ERIM Doctoral Student, affiliated since 2010
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PhD Project

Semantic Web Enhanced Product Search


This projects aims to improve the online search for products by in creasing the product search engine precision and recall and reducing the user search e ort. For this purpose, we rst investigate how to design a search engine that allows for the search of products using product attributes. Second, we focus on online product reviews for the purpose of review summarization and product attribute extraction. We plan to develop intelligent methods that retrieve, integrate, aggregate, and present product information on the Web. For this purpose, we also plan to investigate the use of Semantic Web vocabularies (e.g., GoodRelations, Google Rich Snippets).



2010 -

Events (2)
Nov 29, 2013 The Dutch-Belgian Database Day 2013 (DBDBD 2013)
  ERIM Conference | Information Management

Feb 7, 2013 First International Symposium on Semantic Web Information Systems (IS-SWIS 2013)
  Conference | Information Management

Visiting address
Office: H07-13
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA, Rotterdam
Postal address
Postbus 1738
3000 DR, Rotterdam

Work in progress

Latest publication

Vandic, D., Nederstigt, L.J., Aanen, S.S., Frasincar, F. & Hogenboom, F.P. (2014). Ontology Population from Web Product Information. In C.-W. Chung, A.Z. Broder, K. Shim & T. Suel (Eds.), Twenty-Third International World Wide Web Conference (WWW Companion 2014) (pp. 391-392). ACM.

Latest news

Building the Semantic Web for business applications

Researchers working on the borders between computer science and management studies gathered to discuss recent advances in Semantic Web Information Systems and their possible applications in business.

Supervisory team

Uzay Kaymak

Professor of Intelligence and Computation in Economics

Flavius Frasincar

Daily supervisor