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K.I.M. (Kirsten) Rohde

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Kirsten Rohde
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Professor of Behavioral Economics

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Associate Member ERIM, affiliated since 2008

Kirsten I.M. Rohde is an endowed professor of Behavioural Economics with a focus on Intertemporal Choice. She has broad research interests in any topic involving behavioral economics, but mainly focuses on intertemporal choice, a field of decision theory which analyses the tradeoffs people make between the present and the future. She has been working on an often observed irrationality in such tradeoffs: procrastination. She has an interest in developing nudges to help people overcome such irrational behavior. She does both theoretical and experimental work. Other research areas of Kirsten Rohde include concerns for equality and social preferences, and decisions under risk.

Work in progress
  • Gerber, A. & Rohde, K.I.M. (2011). Eliciting Discount Functions when Baseline Consumption Changes over Time. In Tinbergen Working Paper.
Publications (15)
  • Articles (14)
    • Bleichrodt, H., Potter van Loon, R.J.D., Rohde, K.I.M. & Wakker, P.P. (2013). A Criticism of Doyle's Survey of Time Preference: A Correction Regarding the CRDI and CADI Families. Judgment and decision making, 8(5), 630-631.
    • Bleichrodt, H., Rohde, K.I.M. & Ourti, T.G.M. Van (2012). An Experimental Test of the Concentration Index. Journal of Health Economics, 31(1), 86-98.
    • Rohde, I.M.T. & Rohde, K.I.M. (2011). Risk Attitudes in a Social Context. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 43, 205-225.
    • Attema, A.E., Bleichrodt, H., Rohde, K.I.M. & Wakker, P.P. (2010). Time-Tradeoff Sequences for Analyzing Discounting and Time Inconsistency. Management Science, 56(11), 2015-2030.
    • Gerber, A. & Rohde, K.I.M. (2010). Risk and Preference Reversals in Intertemporal Choice. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 76(3), 654-668.
    • Rohde, K.I.M. (2010). A Preference Foundation for Fehr and Schmidt's Model of Inequity Aversion. Social Choice and Welfare, 34(4), 537-547.
    • Rohde, K.I.M. (2010). The Hyperbolic Factor: a Measure of Time-Inconsistency. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 41(2), 125-140.
    • Bleichrodt, H., Rohde, K.I.M. & Wakker, P.P. (2009). Non-Hyperbolic Time Inconsistency. Games and Economic Behavior, 66(1), 27-38.
    • Rohde, K.I.M. (2009). Decreasing relative impatience. Journal of Economic Psychology, 30(6), 831-839.
    • Bleichrodt, H., Rohde, K.I.M. & Wakker, P.P. (2008). Koopmans' Constant Discounting for Intertemporal Choice: A Simplification and a Generalization. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 52(6), 341-347.
    • Bleichrodt, H., Rohde, K.I.M. & Wakker, P.P. (2008). Combining additive representations on subsets into an overall representation. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 52(5), 304-310.
    • Herings, P.J.J. & Rohde, K.I.M. (2008). On the completeness of complete markets. Economic Theory, 37(2), 171-201.
    • Rohde, K.I.M. (2008). Arbitrage opportunities in frictionless markets with sophisticated investors. Economic Theory, 34, 389-393.
    • Herings, P.J.J. & Rohde, K.I.M. (2006). Time-inconsistent preferences in a general equilibrium model. Economic Theory, 591-619.
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May 9, 2014 Planning or Doing?
  ERIM Research Seminar | Marketing

Visiting address
Office: H12-13
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA, Rotterdam
Postal address
Postbus 1738
3000 DR, Rotterdam

Work in progress

  • Gerber, A. & Rohde, K.I.M. (2011). Eliciting Discount Functions when Baseline Consumption Changes over Time. In Tinbergen Working Paper.

Latest publication

Rohde, K.I.M. (2014). Planning of Doing? (2014, mei 09). Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Institute of Management.

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Inaugural Address: Planning or Doing?

Kirsten Rohde shows how behavioural economics can be used to nudge individuals towards responsible planning.

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