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Peter Neuteboom
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Finance & Accounting
ERIM Membership:
Associate Member ERIM, affiliated since 2008

At Erasmus University, Peter Neuteboom worked at the Finance Department. His key expertise is on real estate finance and -economics, especially the linkages between (international) mortgage markets and (national) housing markets and on choice behaviour of borrowers. Prior to joining RSM, he worked at the Delft University of Technology and with the National Govermenent.

Work in progress (4)
  • Neuteboom, P. & Xu, J. (2014). Urban traffic congestion and house prices. In Under review.
  • Neuteboom, P. & Drummond, C. (2014). On the rationality of Borrowers' Behaviour. In Under review.
  • Neuteboom, P. & Heijden, H. van den (2014). Modelling the supply side of the housing market. In OTB working paper series. Delft: Delft University of Technology.
  • Neuteboom, P. (2014). Efforts in Choice and the Origins of Doing Nothing. In Under review.
Publications (18)
  • Books (2)
    • Neuteboom, P. & Horsewood, N (Eds.). (2006). Homeownership, security and insecurity: the social limits to growth. Amsterdam: IOS Press.
    • Neuteboom, P. & Heijden, H. van den (2005). Conjunctuur op de Nederlandse woning(bouw)markt. Utrecht: NETHUR.
  • Doctoral thesis
    • Neuteboom, P. (2008, Oktober 27). On the rationality of Borrowers Behaviour. Delft University of Technology (Delft: IOS Press). Prom./coprom.: prof dr. P Boelhouwer & H. Priemus.
  • Professional publications (8)
    • Cox, R.H.G.M., Brounen, D. & Neuteboom, P. (2011). Financiele onderlegdheid en hypotheekkeuze van huishoudens. Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 96(4614), 458-459.
    • Neuteboom, P. (2011). Pijnloos bezuinigen op de hypotheekrenteaftrek. Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 95(4589).
    • Neuteboom, P., Brounen, D. & Cox, R.H.G.M. (2011). De meerwaarde van het eigenwoningbezit. Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 95(4597).
    • Neuteboom, P. & Brounen, D. (2009). Starters in de knel, of business-as-usual? The Hague: Department of Housing, Urban Planning and the Environment.
    • Neuteboom, P. & Dol, C. (2009). Macro change and micro behaviour: the effects of aging on tenure choice, labour market participation and pensions. Brussels: European Commission.
    • Neuteboom, P. (2008). Optimale hypotheekkeuze. In Vol. 4526. Economisch-Statistische Berichten DOSIER.
    • Neuteboom, P. & Dol, C. (2008). Housing policies in a rapidly changing environment: Government financial measures to promote homeownership and housing affordability in the Netherlands. Stockholm: BKN.
    • Neuteboom, P. & Brounen, D. (2008). De effectiviteit van de hypotheekrenteaftrek. In Vol. 4529. Economisch-Statistische Berichten.
Recognitions (2)
  • Organisation membership (2)
    Organisation Koninklijke Vereniging voor de Staathuishoudkunde
    Role Member
    Start date 01-10-2008

    Organisation Royal Economic Society
    Role Occasional Evaluator of Faculty Promotion
    Start date 01-09-2007

PhD Projects (1)

To Own, To Finance, and To Insure; Residential Real Estate Revealed

Ruben Cox
PhD Candidate: Ruben Cox Role: Daily Supervisor Defended: 12 September 2013 Full text: Download this thesis
Visiting address
Office: T08-43
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA, Rotterdam
Postal address
Postbus 1738
3000 DR, Rotterdam

Work in progress

  • Neuteboom, P. & Xu, J. (2014). Urban traffic congestion and house prices. In Under review.
  • Neuteboom, P. & Drummond, C. (2014). On the rationality of Borrowers' Behaviour. In Under review.

Latest publication

Neuteboom, P. & Brounen, D. (2014). Financial literacy, risk aversion and choice of mortgage type by households. In Journal of Real Estate Finance and Investment. (accepted for publication).

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