Post-experience programmes

Part-time programme MSc Business Administration – “PTO”

In this two-year, Dutch-taught programme, we coordinate and co-teach the foundational course 'Operational Excellence'. In the elective that follows this foundational course, we teach several lectures on Strategic Sourcing.

Fulltime International MBA programme / Executive MBA programme / OneMBA programme

RSM Erasmus University offers three well-established MBA programmes. In the fulltime MBA programme, we co-teach a core course on Operations Management (with Prof. De Koster).
We also offer, both in the fulltime and the executive programme, an elective course on Strategic Sourcing. This elective covers six sessions, which among others cover: Supplier Relationship Management; Global Sourcing and Socially Responsible Purchasing; Early Supplier Involvement and Procurement of Business Services.

For more information, contact Finn Wynstra.

Masterclass Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management – NEVI 3

The NEVI 3 purchasing and supply management course (Master class in Strategic Purchasing Management) deals with everything a purchasing manager needs to know in order to perform their job well. This post-experience training course – provided (in Dutch) by the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management (NEVI) – is geared towards purchasing professionals who have gone through the NEVI 2 training programme or have acquired comparable purchasing expertise in actual practice or through another course. Candidates also need to have a university or high-level vocational degree. The 9-month course includes six 3-day training modules on campus (including one taking place abroad), a group project and intervision meetings. The modules deal not only with specific purchasing and supply management issues, but also with topics like management accounting and change management. Since the start or this programme in 2003, the NEVI 3 training course has built up a strong reputation.

"There is an increasing need for graduate and postgraduate training in the area of purchasing and supply management. Current economic circumstances show that purchasing professionals really need to understand purchasing strategies, show excellent personal efficiency and be capable of implementing change within their organisation”, according to Finn Wynstra, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and Academic Director for the postgraduate NEVI 3 programme. “The NEVI 3 programme allows students to learn all of these elements. The recently graduated class of 25 students proved very successful and I am looking forward to next year’s course in cooperation with the NEVI.”

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