Funds for conferences


KNAW conference grants

Aim: The Conference Grants Fund assists the organisers of international scientific/scholarly conferences in the Netherlands.
Target group: All Dutch universities and research institutes
Amount of funding: The grant is intended to cover no more than a third of the total conference budget, with a ceiling of € 8,500. The conference budget may not exceed € 170,000
More information: KNAW homepage for the Conference Grants Fund

KNAW Academy Colloquia

Aim: To bring together a select international group of researchers to discuss a topical theme
Target group: Universities and research groups: all types of disciplines
Amount of funding: The Academy contributes a maximum of € 6,500 per day and makes a further € 3,500 available to organise a master class immediately following the colloquium for a minimum of fifteen Dutch doctoral candidates. In addition, the Academy assists the colloquium organisers with organisational and administrative matters at no charge.
More information KNAW homepage for academy colloquia

ESF Call for Conference Proposals

Aim: The European Science Foundation invites researchers to submit proposals for high-level research conferences in the field of social sciences and humanities. ESF Research Conferences promote free discussion and exchange of information, and aim to create long-term networks between participants
Type of funding: Conferences should last 4 or 5 days and have to be held in a location determined by ESF. Maximum 150 attendees.
More information: ESF call for conference proposals