Research Data Management

Storage, Open Access, Data Management Plan, FAIR principle, Metadata. Are you familiar with these terms? Do you use them in your everyday research practice?  Good data management practice is becoming an important basic research skill and ERIM ambition is to provide its members with adequate support for it.

Given the growing importance of data ERIM has recently extended the professional support for research data management (RDM). Dedicated webpage is here for disposal of all ERIM members to serve as point of reference and knowledge base for all matters related to RDM. Do you seek specific advice? Are you uncertain when it comes to your practice of RDM?  The Data Steward is here to provide advice and support to ERIM researchers on all aspects of RDM, throughout the research data life cycle, in accordance with international RDM standards.


Miriam Braskova

Data Steward
T: +31 (0)10 4082940

Miriam Braskova holds a PhD in Quality Management for Process Control from the Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia). She has worked in various positions in academia in Slovakia and Israel, in project management and knowledge building in the areas of innovation, knowledge transfer, data and research management, and scientific community building.