Data Management

Policies & Frameworks

Given the increased importance of research data management and the research data lifecycle, ERIM has created and constantly update a set of guidelines for ERIM members to help them navigate themselves in the area of research data management. 

First, keep your computer and your data safe from any unauthorized access by following basic privacy and security rules. Make sure, that you manage your data in a responsible way during the whole research data lifecycle. Are you dealing with personal data in your research? Get familiar with safeguards you should put in place in order to have data of your research subjects protected to the highest standard.

As a part of Erasmus University Rotterdam, ERIM adhere to open access and FAIRness of reserach data as main guiding principles. Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity is also streesing FAIR principles and opennes of data (data to be accessible to the extent possible and remains confidential to the extent necessary).

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