Tools & Services

There are various software tools and service available to help you follow good practice in RDM. There are solutions available that are free for your personal use. However, many of them are not compliant with national and institutional policies, especially when it comes to privacy of data. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to give priority to solutions that are provided by EUR, your faculty or research team and avoid free versions.

Short-term Storage and Transfer

For working storage and sharing the EUR provides two services: SURFdrive (external link) and SURFfilesender (external link). You can access both services using ERNA account.

SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch education and research community, offering staff, researchers and students an easy way to store, synchronise and share files in the secure and reliable SURF community cloud. SURFdrive has recently introduced possibility of collaborative editing for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. With SURFfilesender, you can send large files, such as research data. SURFfilesender is also suitable for smaller files, such as reports. The files are stored in the Netherlands. Encryption provides added security (files up to 2 GB can be send using encryption). More information including manuals can be found on EURpage (EUR web).

In order to improve handling,syncing and sharing research data, various faculties can provide also other possibilies how to store your data. RSM has decided to implement Dropbox for Education. This means all RSM researchers are offered a free RSM Dropbox account (15 GB storage, EU based), providing all usual Dropbox functionality but eliminating some of the privacy risks because of individual private Dropbox use (or the use of many other free tools). For more information, please contact the RSM Application Management team via or visit them at T6-13. 

Long-term Storage

For long-term storage of big datasets there is DANS Easy (external link) available for your disposal. When it comes to your papers, articles or thesis, use RePub (EUR web) service. RePub can store small to medium datatsets, usually datasets that belong to a publication.


  • Share data safely (EUR web) EUR solutions for sharing and storing your data
  • SURFdrive (external link) storage solution avaiable for all EUR employees
  • SURFfilesender (external link) transfer solution with possibiltiy of encryption
  • DANS (external link) long-term storage solution (including big datasets)
  • RePub (EUR web) institutional repository