Funds for travelling

NWO Visitors Travel Grant

Researchers in the Netherlands can apply for a visitors grant for the benefit of highly qualified foreign senior researchers holding a PhD for a stay of a maximum duration of 12 months.
Amount of funding: A contribution towards the accommodation costs and international travel costs.
More information: NWO homepage for Visitors Travel Grant

KNAW Visiting Professors Programme (VPP)

The Visiting Professors Programme enables outstanding foreign researchers to spend time working in the Netherlands. The programme acts as an incentive for Dutch science and scholarship.
Amount of funding: The Academy funds a research budget and covers the Visiting Professor’s travel and accommodation expenses. The Dutch university acts as the host organisation.
Target group: Foreign professors
More information: KNAW homepage for Visiting Professors Programme

 KNAW International Exchanges

The Academy makes travel or accommodation grants available to researchers who wish to pay a short (one or two week) visit to an institution in another country before commencing a joint project or partnership.
Amount of funding: The host academy covers the cost of accommodation. The home academy covers some or all of the relevant travel expenses
Target group: senior researchers
More information: KNAW homepage for International Exchanges