Academy Professor Prize

The Academy awards the Academy Professor Prize to researchers between 54 and 59 years of age for exceptional achievement throughout the course of their careers. The Prize is intended as a lifetime achievement award.
Amount of funding: The Academy confers two separate prizes a year, each worth € 1 million. The money must be used to fund scientific or scholarly research.
Target group: One prize is awarded to a researcher in the social sciences or humanities, and the other to a researcher in the natural, technical or life sciences.
More information: KNAW homepage for the Academy Professor Prize

Academy assistants programme

The programme gives students the chance to conduct useful research during their assistantships. It also allows them to teach or to join existing research groups, for example.
Amount of funding: Each Academy assistant receives a maximum of € 7,500 a year for the duration of their appointment.
Target group: The aim of the Academy Assistants Programme is to interest talented Master’s degree students in research and a career in science.
More information: KNAW homepage for the Academy assistants programme

Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship

The Lorentz programme aims to promote interdisciplinary research to address socially relevant research questions. The Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship is part of the Lorentz programme.
Amount of funding: A scholar-in-residence fellowship at NIAS for up to 10 months including on-campus study and accommodation and a replacement of up to € 5,000 per month .The fellowship also funds an interdisciplinary workshop at the Lorentz Center with a budget of € 25,000 and a personal prize of € 10,000.
Target group: Nominees can be put forward by leading figures from within the academic community
More information:  KNAW homepage for the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship