Standardization: a catalyst for innovation

Knut Blind
  • Speaker
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Inaugural Address
Business Processes
Fri. 28 Aug. 2009
16:00 hours
Auditorium, Hall A



Traditionally, standards have been perceived as contradicting innovation. However, this view has been overturned in recent years. Based on some fundamental definitions and an illustration of the generic economic effects of standards, the inaugural address will present the innovation-promoting impacts of standards in three different dimensions. In addition, possible barriers for the exploitation of these potentials and negative implications of the interaction between innovation and standardisation will also be examined. First, Blind will address the relationship between research and standardisation. The role of standardisation and standards as effective channels of technology transfer will be outlined. Additionally, the relevance of standards for research activities will be illustrated. Second, he will address the interaction between intellectual property rights, especially patents, and standards. Here, the integration of patents into standards broadens and fastens the diffusion of technological know-how. However, this interaction might be misused for strategies leading to a vicious and not-virtuous circle. Finally, standards can also play an innovation-promoting role in the procurement of innovative products. Here, Blind will focus on the potential of standards for innovation oriented public procurement policies, but also outline actual problems. The address will close with an outlook to future research challenges.

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Marianne Schouten
Marianne Schouten
Marianne Schouten
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