Science Upside Down Show

Event Information

Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Mon. 20 Nov. 2017
Fedde van der Spoel
20:00 - 22:00
Erasmus Paviljoen


Science World Upside Down is a show in which your creative talent is used to make science attractive. In a talk show of approximately one hour you will present the results of your PhD research in a personal and artistic way, through a column, short movie, cartoon, song, theatrical performance, dance, comic strip, or otherwise. The show is hosted by Wieneke Gunneweg, editor in chief of Erasmus Magazine, as enthusiastic talk show host. She will have as her side kick acclaimed professor of Strategic Management & Business Policy Henk Volberda and ERIM member and fellow. They will provide the framework, the necessary speed, humour and give adequate response to the presentations.

The talk show is recorded before a live audience, and can be viewed simultaneously online at the ERIM website or Facebook live. You will receive the video recording afterwards for personal use.

Phase 1 (September)
During one evening of two-three hours 10 selected PhDs receive an introduction explaining the concept. Your latent or already present creative talent will be challenged in a workshop with multidisciplinary methods. An initial inventory of possible subjects leads to a topic or theme for the show.

Phase 2 (October – November)
During 2 to 4 weeks, you will be coached individually. You will discuss the topics you want to present, the reason why you have chosen these, and the artistic discipline into which you want to translate them. After this, you will be instructed to collect the necessary materials; input that is required in order to arrive at a creative performance. There will be contact with the host and professor reflecting on your presentation and short interviews with you about your topic. On this basis Theatre In Context creates the script. In addition you will attend workshops with creative experts like for instance a cartoonist, a vocal coach, a choreographer, or a VJ.

Phase 3 – 20 November 2017
The day of the show is a pressure cooker. Under the guidance of TIC, the host, the professor and the experts, we continually work together to work out your performances. At the end of the day we join in a final rehearsal and a meal. At 19:00 everyone is ready for the final preparations and the technical try-out. At 20:00 the cameras start rolling and the show begins: starring you.

Fedde van der Spoel
Fedde van der Spoel
  • Coordinator