Demographic Dissimilarity, Information Access and Individual Performance

Burcu Subasi
  • Speaker
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam

Event Information

PhD Defence
Organisational Behaviour & HRM
Thu. 21 Dec. 2017
Burcu Subasi
Senate Hall, Erasmus Building, Woudestein Campus


With growing nationality and gender diversity in organizations, the question under which circumstances differences in nationality and gender affect individual performance increases in importance. Previous research showed that dissimilarity may negatively affect individual performance. We take this analysis an important step further by suggesting number of moderators namely: status difference between nationality minorities, public observability, specific status and nationality diversity. We determine access to distributed information as a mediator in this effect.

Daan Van Knippenberg
Professor of Organizational Behavior
  • Promotor
Steffen Giessner
Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change
  • Member Doctoral Committee
Gabriele Jacobs
Endowed Professor in Organisational Behaviour and Culture
  • Member Doctoral Committee
Eric Kearney
Eric Kearney
  • Member Doctoral Committee
Wendy van Ginkel
Wendy van Ginkel
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
  • Daily Supervisor