Award Regulations

  1. Only ERIM Fellows, ERIM Members, ERIM Associate Members and ERIM PhD Candidates are eligible for ERIM Awards, except in the case of the ERIM Service Award.

  2. The winners of ERIM Awards are selected once every year. In principle, the greatest achievement in each category in the preceding year is honoured with an ERIM Award, in so far as the achievement was not recognised with an ERIM Award before.   

  3. An ERIM Award may be shared by multiple recipients.   

  4. If there is no achievement of sufficient quality in a given category in a given year, then the corresponding award is not handed out.  

  5. The Scientific Director of ERIM decides upon the recipients of the ERIM Awards. Before making a decision, the Scientific Director can consult experts in the different domains.   

  6. Any ERIM Fellow or ERIM Member can submit nominations for ERIM Awards to the Scientific Director of ERIM.   

  7. ERIM Awards consist of a plaque and € 2000 in research funding for researchers.