ERIM Service Award

Since 2006, ERIM hands out the ERIM Service Award to staff who support research. With the award, ERIM aims to recognise the important role of high quality services in enabling top research. The ERIM Management Team selects the winners of this award.

Recipients of this award are support staff at Erasmus University who have contributed proactively and in a client-driven manner to the development of quality tools and infrastructure for management research at ERIM. They set the standard for research services and are an example to their colleagues.

Winners of the ERIM Service Award

2017 Consultants and developers of Information Management and Consulting (IMC) at RSM. Team: Richard Hageman, Ido de Lepper, Onno Lissenberg, Benjamin Serfhos and contributions of Govert Buijs, Christoph Kempen, Erik Kemperman and Paul Kievits.
2016 Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) Team: Paul Plaatsman, Dyaran Bansraj, Ronald Brabers, Rob Grim, Rogier Hanselaar and Arjan de Wit.
2015 Erasmus Behavioural Lab (EBL) Team: Gerrit Jan de Bie, Christiaan Tieman and Marcel Boom
2014 Nihat Ulusoy, Project Controller at RSM.
2013 Ton Molendijk (departing Head of the Erasmus University Academic Ceremonies Team at the General Management Directorate)
2012 RSM Project Desk Team: Claudia Rutten, Bep Klop & Marlijn de Lange
2011 Kees Verburg, Database-Administrator & System Manager at the Business Information Technology Department at the Rotterdam School of Management
2010 Reino de Boer, Controller and Head of the IT department at the Erasmus School of Economics
2009     Erasmus University Academic Ceremonies Team: Ton Molendijk, Marleen van Kester, Barbara Wiggers, Hanneke van Loon, Bea Muilwijk & Tatjana Wechgelaar
2008 Erasmus University Library Repository Team: Peter van Huisstede, Hans Brandhorst, Kees van Opijnen, Saziye Unal, Erik de Munck Mortier, & Paul Plaatsman
2007 Rebecca Morris, Corporate Publicist at the Corporate Marketing Communications Department at the Rotterdam School of Management
2006 Ido de Lepper & Aldert Lamoré, System Developers at the Business Information Technology (BIT) Department at the Rotterdam School of Management