ERIM Fellow

An ERIM Fellow is a senior faculty member at professorial level appointed at RSM or ESE for a minimum of 0.5 fte. ERIM members in good standing with an appointment as (endowed) professor, are eligible to become ERIM Fellow, for a period of 5 years. Decision on continuation of the title of ERIM Fellow will be based on the requirements specified below.


Senior faculty with (endowed) professorial appointment of EUR (0.5 fte or more): Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) / Erasmus School of Economics (ESE).


  • Fellows are ambassadors of academic values (honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility) and professionalism for the ERIM community.
  • Fellows carry joint responsibility for the development and well-being of ERIM, by being actively committed to ERIM to establish and implement ERIM’s strategic goals;
  • Fellows are expected to actively contribute to the development of ERIM as an institute, by contributing to the visibility and reputation of the ERIM research programmes and the doctoral programme in the international research community, through academic and societal impact, valorisation, acquisition of (large) grants, collaboration with business and industry;
  • Actively and collaboratively participating in (administrative) activities related to (cross-) programme development, research ethics policy, periodic research assessments, evaluations and accreditations of ERIM and its programmes, coaching early and mid-career talent, editorships of top-core journals, or other organisational / managerial activities;
  • Each programme is committed to appointing Fellows for specific tasks and active participation in (administrative) ERIM-related activities;
  • Membership check for Fellows is done every 5 years based on contribution in their portfolio of activities on at academic, societal, or organisational / managerial activities, to qualify for the continuation of their Fellow status.
  • A yearly membership check is performed for high performance qualification;
  • Financial compensation, where relevant, is activity-based and is conditional upon inclusion of funds in the School’s budget.


  • These are identical to the benefits of an ERIM Member.


  • Having a solid academic track record, in support of the ERIM mission and vision;
  • Appointment as (endowed) professor at RSM or ESE (0.5 fte or more);
  • Submitting a one-page Fellow Proposition reflecting the level and kind of commitment to ERIM for a period of 5 years. It should specify any administrative commitments to ERIM, and an elaboration of the academic or societal portfolio the Fellow wants to work on. Particular attention should be given to how the Fellow expects to actively contribute to ERIM’s strategic goals.
  • The ERIM Scientific Director may invite Fellows for a meeting to discuss and evaluate their contributions to ERIM’s ambitions based on the commitment expressed in their Fellow Proposition. This may result in an update of the Fellow Proposition.

Appointment and Evaluation Procedure

The ERIM Scientific Director decides on approval of the Fellow status, on the basis of the personal Fellow Proposition. When appropriate, a dedicated committee of current Fellows will be asked to advise in the evaluation and selection process. The Fellow Proposition should be submitted to the ERIM Scientific Director.
The Dean of the ‘penvoerende faculteit’ (RSM) appoints the Fellows. Fellow appointments are evaluated after a period of 5 years, based on evaluation of the progress in his/her portfolio (academic, societal, organisational/managerial activities). Fellowship may be terminated if a Fellow no longer meets the ERIM Membership criteria.