ERIM Visiting Member

The purpose of the ERIM Visiting Membership is to confer an ERIM status on highly reputable researchers who stay for a relatively short time at Erasmus University. The status of an ERIM Visiting Member is comparable to that of an ERIM Member.


Researchers who stay at the EUR (RSM/ESE) for between two months and two years and carry out research in one of the ERIM Research Programmes. The appointment of an ERIM Visiting Member is made irrespective of how this person is financed.


  • Carrying out high-quality research;
  • (Co-)supervising of ERIM doctoral students;
  • Contributing to the ERIM Doctoral Programme.


ERIM Visiting Members are entitled to apply for the ERIM Support Programmes, with the exception of the ESP for research visits (ESP 5).


These are identical to the criteria of an ERIM Member.

Application and Termination Procedure

  • The application for a new ERIM Visiting Membership should be submitted to the Scientific Director of ERIM through one of the ERIM Fellows of the ERIM Research Programme in which the visiting member will do his/her research.
  • The ERIM Visiting Membership normally ends when the individual concerned leaves the EUR. If the ERIM Visiting Member is an official promotor or co-promotor of one of the ERIM PhD students, the ERIM Visiting Membership status can be extended until the date of the defence.