Events Erasmus Banking hub and Finance & Accounting

Thu. 21 Jan. 2021 Research Seminar
Variance Discount Rates: What Drives Preferences over Variance Risk?
Joren Koëter (Tilburg University)
Wed. 20 Jan. 2021 Research Seminar
Announcements, Expectations, and Stock Returns with Asymmetric Information
Leyla Jianyu Han (University of Hong Kong)
Wed. 2 Dec. 2020 Research Seminar
Financing Breakthroughs under Failure Risk
Simon Mayer
Thu. 26 Nov. 2020 Research Seminar
Public Guarantees for Small Businesses in Italy during Covid-19
Fabrizio Core (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Wed. 4 Nov. 2020 Research Seminar
Why can’t investors pick the right index fund?
Ricardo Barahona
Wed. 21 Oct. 2020 Research Seminar
Support for Small Businesses Amid COVID-19
Xuan Wang (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Tue. 15 Sep. 2020 Research Seminar
Handling Spillover Effects in Empirical Research
Tobias Berg (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Thu. 25 Jun. 2020 Research Seminar
CANCELED: ERIM Accounting Seminar Monika Causholli
Monika Causholli (University of Kentucky)
Thu. 18 Jun. 2020 Research Seminar
CANCELED: ERIM Accounting Seminar Stacie Laplante
Stacie Laplante (University of Wisconsin-Madison)