George Hendrikse takes part in EU study: “Support for Farmers’ Cooperatives”

Professor George Hendrikse, Scientific Director of the Erasmus Centre for Cooperatives, is taking part in the EU study "Support for Farmers' Cooperatives". The study should provide the background knowledge required to help European farmers organise themselves in cooperatives, by describing current forms of producer organisations in European agriculture and by identifying measures that have proved to be effective in supporting those organisations.

The European Union invests € 1.45 million in “Support for Farmers’ Cooperatives”, which is overseen by the European Commission, Directorate-General Agriculture and Rural Development. The project started in late 2010 and will run until 2012. The research consortium consists of nine universities and research institutes in five EU member states.

George Hendrikse is the Scientific Director of the Erasmus Centre for Cooperatives, which is geared towards creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge regarding cooperatives by blending detailed description, informal theory, formal modeling, and empirical analysis in order to contribute to cooperative business practice as well as to science. The centre is part of an international network of academics studying cooperatives.

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