Behavioral Foundations


The aims of this course are twofold:

- To provide an introduction in the theory in the behavioural sciences that lies at the core of behavioural research in management (i.e., in particular organizational behaviour, but also behavioural strategy, consumer behaviour, behavioural operations management, behavioural finance)

- To equip students with the understanding of behavioural research that is required to carry out their own research projects.


The course covers such issues as identity, group dynamics, behavioural decision making, mixed-motive interdependence, and behavioural ethics. Study of these themes is combined with the study of empirical research that illustrates the application of these themes in research in management.


To develop a deeper understanding of behavioural research, the course uses hands-on assignments focused on developing and criticizing ideas for behavioural research in management. These consist of both weekly, individual assignments and a larger group assignment that is to be handed in at the end of the course.


A reader with a combination of overview chapters/review articles and empirical journal articles.

Additional info

More information and detailed timetables can be found here.

ERIM PhD candidates and Research Master students can register for this course via SIN Online.

This course is not open for external (non-ERIM) participants.