Seminar Corporate Finance 1


This course provides an overview of the classical as well as the more recent research in corporate finance. The goal of the course is to:

(i) introduce students to an array of topics in corporate finance,

(ii) help develop a critical attitude vis-à-vis research questions, methods and findings that will be useful to students in for their own research and

(iii) initiate students to the process of reviewing academic articles (i.e., learn to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the studies, and assess their overall contribution to the literature).


The course consists is set up in a seminar style and includes the following topics: corporate financial policies, corporate finance and public policy, start-up financing, and private equity and buyouts. In each meeting we will discuss classical papers as well as more recent work related to a topic. Students will submit questions related to the reading material before each meeting. These questions will serve as a starting point of the discussion in class. At the meetings each of the assigned papers will be summarized by a student and will be followed by an in-depth discussion led by the lecturer. After the meeting students will be asked to write a referee report on a recent paper related to the topic.


Presentations, participation, and written assignments (referee reports)


Selected journal articles and working papers (will be announced on Blackboard

Additional info

The timetable for this course can be found in the EUR course guide.

ERIM PhD candidates and Research Master students can register for this course via Osiris Student.

External (non-ERIM) participants are welcome to this course. To register, please fill in the registration form and e-mail it to the ERIM Doctoral Office by four weeks prior to the start of the course. For external participants, the course fee is 260 euro per ECTS credit.