Innovation Management


This course provides a foundation for critical thinking in the area of innovation management. The course focuses on theories and literature, and schools of thought, in the field of the organization of innovation and innovation management.

The course is split into 4 parts.

-    An introduction session with the students in which the other parts are discussed and prepared. This session will take a max. of 3 hrs.

-    A series of 4 paper discussion sessions. These sessions are organized by the students and will involve a minimum of 3 IM faculty members and as many PhD students as possible per session. Each sessions we will discuss one paper in depth. The students chose the paper and arrange the sessions (in cooperation with the IM secretary).

-    A series of 2 IM external ERIM seminars. The students will attend 2 IM external ERIM seminars. Moreover, after the seminars they will have a full 1 hour discussion with the external faculty member.

-    The students will organize 1 2hrs seminar for IM faculty and PhD students in which they present a research idea in the area of Innovation Management. To prepare this presentation students will have 2 coaching meetings with an IM faculty member.


•    7 papers concerning IM

•    One specialty topic in IM


•    Presentation of a research proposal – including research design (50%)

•    Reflection report about the paper sessions (25%)

•    Reflection report about the seminars (25%)


Academic articles

Additional info

The course will be taught over the course of the spring/summer semesters. It accumulates in a presentation session.