Thesis Supervision


In this MicroLab, you are able to apply basic supervision skills to support students writing their thesis:

  • Motivate students during your supervision
  • Ask effective questions
  • Use (active) listening on deeper levels
  • Provide students with oral and writing feedback in a constructive way
  • Influence the behaviour of your students


This MicroLab consists of two (online) sessions of half a day each. The sessions will be complemented with mandatory preparatory assignments on Canvas.

In the MicroLabs, the basic concepts are briefly explained, after which you actively apply the new information in cases, simulations and assignments. There is also room for reflection, discussion and peer feedback. This MicroLab will have multiple live sessions due to the coaching nature of the thesis supervision. 

The MicroLabs are short how-to modules for EUR teachers on specific educational issues. They are developed by research and training institute Risbo and made possible by the Community for Learning & Innovation. Information on other MicroLabs can be found at PhD candidates are encouraged to take other (non-credit bearing) MicroLabs depending on their needs.


After completing the sessions, students make an assignment as their ‘Proof of Competence’ (POC). When they have completed the POC, they will pass the course and receive a certificate for the MicroLab.


Materials will be available on Canvas.

Additional info

Due to COVID-19, the sessions of the MicroLab will be online for the fall semester of 2020.

The timetable for this course can be found here.

ERIM PhD candidates can register for this course via Osiris Student.

This course is not open for participation by external (non-ERIM) participants.