Research on Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Summer School

Summer School


This summer school course covers major and foundational topics research on social entrepreneurship and social enterprise (SE). The objective of the course are, (1) to familiarize you with some of the core concepts and primary theoretical underpinnings of research on social entrepreneurship; (2) to help you gain a stronger understanding of, and think critically about, the SE domain, including its research requirements and methods for publishing scholarly research in management and organizational studies; and, (3) to provide a forum where you can further develop your thinking and writing skills as a social entrepreneurship scholar. 

The primary purpose of the course is to develop your ability to do scholarly research in this area. Therefore, the course should help you to (1) develop, refining, and present your own research ideas; (2) gain a better understanding of the research and publication processes; and (3) empower you to find your own voice.


Class sessions will be devoted to reviewing and critiquing readings on social entrepreneurship and exposing you to different theoretical and analytical lenses through which to view SE research. We will also discuss pathways to make your research accessible to a broader audience, to develop research that is practically useful and how to identify “relevant” research questions.


This will be a pass/fail course requiring active preparation and participation by students. We will also create space for students presenting their own work.


We will share a full reading class on Canvas. Readings will include work by the instructor, articles published recently in the management and organization outlets, and literature in adjacent disciplines.

Additional info

For the timetable of this course, please click here. The timetable is in the local time of Rotterdam, which is CEST (UTC+02:00).

This course is given in a fully online format.

ERIM PhD candidates: Please register on OSIRIS student using your student ERNA.
ERIM faculty members: Please register on SIN Online.
External (non-ERIM) doctoral students: Please fill in the registration form and e-mail it to by 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Please note that the number of places for this course is limited. In case the number of registrations exceeds the number of available seats, priority is given to ERIM RM students and PhD candidates.

This course is free of charge for ERIM members (PhD candidates and faculty members) and Part-time PhD candidates of RSM. For external participants, the course fee is 250 euro per ECTS credit.