Doctoral Thesis Behavioral Aspects of Warehousing

Defended on Thursday, 18 February 2016


Much of the research on behaviour in operations has emphasized implementation of systems and regulations in shaping behaviour of employees, but recently De Koster et al. (2011) showed that, in warehouses, safety-specific transformational leadership (SSTL) predicts accident rates over and above the existence of systems and regulations. This illustrates that the behavioural aspects of operations are as important as systems in predicting outcomes. The current proposal aims to extend this finding in important ways. First, by investigating antecedents of SSTL: Promotion focus and prevention focus, two motivational strategies of individuals (Higgins, 1997). Second, by investigating the effects of SSTL on outcomes other than safety (productivity, efficiency, quality).


Leadership, Safety, Warehousing, Productivity, Performance, Behavior, Regulatory focus, Survey,

Time frame

2012 - 2015


Jelle de Vries
Jelle de Vries

Supervisory Team

René de Koster
Professor of Logistics and Operations Management
  • Promotor
Daan Stam
Associate Professor of Innovation Management
  • Copromotor
  • Daily Supervisor

Committee Members

Kenneth Doerr
Kenneth Doerr
Jan Dul
Professor of Technology and Human Factors
Steffen Giessner
Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change