Advancing Research on Innovation Management

Organizations are in a continuous hunt for the next blockbuster design, product, or service to gain or sustain their competitive edge. Innovating is clearly no longer a choice, but has become a business imperative. Innovations also hold the solution to the environmental and societal challenges humanity is facing. The field of Innovation Management examines the process of bringing innovations to life successfully. The aim of the program is to train independent scholars who conduct cutting-edge and impactful research on Innovation Management. During your Ph.D., you will be part of an ambitious and internationally renowned faculty with an aim of creating positive impact. Our team’s research focuses on creativity, leadership in innovation, innovation partnerships and networks, standardization, and innovation strategies. Admitted doctoral students are expected to lead their own research ideas as well as collaborate with our faculty members in new projects.


Innovation, Creativity, Idea management, Co-creation, Project management, Complex systems, Leadership, Strategy, Sustainability

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