Pricing Models for Bermudan-Style Interest Rate Derivatives Defended on Thursday, 8 December 2005

Bermudan-style interest rate derivatives are an important class of options. Many banking and insurance products, such as mortgages, cancellable bonds, and life insurance products, contain Bermudan interest rate options associated with early redemption or cancellation of the contract. The abundance of these options makes evident that their proper valuation and risk measurement are important to banks and insurance companies. Risk measurement allows for offsetting market risk by hedging with underlying liquidly traded assets and options. Pricing models must be arbitrage-free, and calibrated to prices of actively traded underlying options. Model dynamics need be consistent with observed dynamics of the term structure of interest rates, e.g., correlation. Moreover, valuation algorithms need be efficient: Derivatives pricing calculations need be performed in seconds, rather than hours or days. Recently, a successful class of models appeared in the literature known as market models. This thesis extends market model theory: (i) it introduces a new, efficient, and more accurate approximate pricing technique, (ii) it presents two new fast algorithms for correlation-calibration, (iii) it develops new models enabling efficient calibration for a new range of derivatives, such as fixed-maturity Bermudan swaptions, and (iv) it presents novel empirical comparisons of hedge performance of existing calibrations and models.


BGM interest rate model, Bermudan style interest rate derivatives, rank reduction of correlation matrices, smile models, Markov-functional interest rate models, generic & CMS market models, drift approximations, hedge performance, constant exercise method

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