Revitalizing Brand and Brand Portfolios: Essays on Brand and Brand Portfolio Management Strategies Defended on Thursday, 6 October 2016

In today’s continuously changing and proliferating consumer products markets, manufacturers and retailers pursue a variety of strategies to keep their portfolio of brand offerings relevant and energetic. In this dissertation, I explore the effectiveness of some of the most commonly utilized ‘revitalization’ strategies.

In chapter 2, I examine firm value effects of focus-increasing brand divestitures. In chapter 3, I focus on brand exits (i.e., the removal of a brand from a market either by a manufacturer or a retailer). In chapter 4, I move away from strategies involving simplification of brand offerings and focus on sponsorships which is a commonly utilized strategy to energize established brands in mature product categories. My findings collectively highlight the importance of pursuing a portfolio approach in successfully executing revitalization strategies.


Brand Management; Brand Portfolio Management; Brand Divestitures; Global Brandin; Portfolio Refocusing; Brand Deletions; Brand Exits; Sponsorship; External Brand Energizers; Event Study; Dynamic Linear Models

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