Research Master in Business and Management

Are you looking for a programme that combines education in a specialisation of your choice and the challenge of undertaking research in that field? If your answer is yes, the Research Master in Business and Management (ERIM Research Master) is designed for academically talented and motivated students like you. With no more than 30 students in the two-year programme, you’re offered individual supervision, a personal approach and the opportunity to investigate your chosen subject in great depth. The composition and amount of course work depends on your specific educational background and individual profile. The programme is entirely taught in English by some of the world’s most distinguished management research academics. It provides you with the perfect preparation for a PhD in Management or Business and for research positions in the business world.

Unique features

  • Integral part of Erasmus Doctoral Programme in Business and Management
  • Five different specialisation tracks: Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems; Organisation; Marketing; Finance; Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Excellent preparation for a consequent PhD
  • Close interaction with ERIM researchers
  • Personal approach and individual supervision
  • Customised to develop strong academic and business skills
  • Research Master studentships for outstanding students

Video testimonials

Dr Basak Manders

ERIM Research Master and PhD Alumna

Omar el Nayal, MSc

ERIM Research Master Alumnus and PhD Candidate

Manissa Gunadi, MSc

ERIM Research Master Alumna and PhD Candidate

Dr Markus Peters

ERIM Research Master and PhD Alumnus

Dr Dan Zhang

ERIM Research Master and PhD Alumna

Dr Mariano Heyden

ERIM Research Master and PhD Alumnus