Programme Overview

The two-year Research Master in Business and Management programme focuses on the development of academic competencies and skills on a personal level.

A maximum of 30 students each year attend the international research master programme, which is taught in English. The small class size means you soon settle into class and have close contact with your tutors and classmates. 

In the ERIM Research Master, you choose one of five domains of management:

  • Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems
  • Organisation
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Strategy & Entrepreneurship. 

In the first year, you follow courses on research methodology and methods, the foundations of management, plus your chosen specialisation. 

In the second year, you choose from a number of advanced courses on methodology and advanced research in your specialisation. As an ERIM research master student, you receive training in presentation, publishing and academic writing. You actively participate in research seminars with ERIM faculty, visiting professors and fellows.

You conclude the programme by writing a research proposal and a scientific thesis. The research master curriculum is presented in more detail in the next section

This programme builds on a university Bachelor degree. You will be thoroughly trained in research methodology and techniques, as well as in your chosen field of expertise which will be required if you want to continue to the PhD stage of the programme. 

When you have completed all of the course requirements, you will be granted a master degree. The certificate and supplement state that you’ve completed a two-year programme, the Research Master in Business and Management, which according to Dutch law gives you the title ‘MSc’. 

Following this, if you wish to pursue a PhD, you should officially apply to the PhD programme.