Seminar by Prof. Gabriele Oettingen and Prof. Peter Gollwitzer

RSM - 14 January 2020. We were honored to welcome at the Rotterdam School of Management two highly esteemed researchers, Psychologists Prof. Peter M. Gollwitzer and Prof. Gabriele Oettingen. Arranged by the Goal-Setting Team’s very own Duncan Rooders, Prof. Gollwitzer, and Prof. Oettingen traveled all the way from New York University to give a seminar about some of their most recent work.

Titled ‘The Role of the Goal Concept in Motivation Science’ Prof. Gollwitzer’s seminar focused on self-completion theory, the mindset theory of action phases, and the theory of if-then planning. Prof. Oettingen’s seminar ‘Future Thought and Behavior Change’ focused on the power of mental contrasting and implementation intentions as ways of positively changing behavior.

The research team at the Goal-Setting Lab was also lucky enough to sit down with the professors and discuss their work one-on-one.

Many of our RSM colleagues had the opportunity to attend the seminar. The Goal Setting Team is looking forward to enjoying their interesting personalities and seminars in the future.