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The spectacular rise of China's economy in the last three decades is unpredecented in world history. The country's rapid economic growth rate, vast population and legendary entrepreneurial vim are bound to be one of the most important stories of the twenty-first century. The Erasmus University Research Centre on China Business is an international group of academics conducting socio-economic research on various aspects of China's national and provincial business systems.

Our objective is to make a significant contribution to understanding the business system in China. Our activities are relevant for academics, students and business executives. We provide the latest insights on the Chinese business landscape and how to embrace China’s rapid changes for business success. We bring together various experts with experience of successfully doing high-level business in China to give executives the latest developments and insights on the world’s most dynamic economy.

We partner with well-known academics from highly reputable universities around the world. Among these are: Tsinghua University, Beijing; Zhejiang University, Hangzhou; INSEAD, Paris; University of Technology, Sydney; HKUST, Hong Kong; the University of Zurich; and the University of Heidelberg.