Our mission is to further explore Erasmus China Business via integrating Erasmus RSM on-going projects and up front ones between Erasmus RSM and the corresponding partners (education, industry, and others). In addition to continuously boosting Erasmus’ signature and RSM position in the Great China, our centre has mission to inclusively leverage our strength in research to create knowledge, help business development, and strengthen communication and education entrepreneurship between industry and academia.

To expand multidimensional (business, education, research) collaborations and progressing output with our stakeholders worldwide, our centre devotes to effectuate a platform for Erasmus RSM and its stakeholders to discuss, diagnose, and develop solutions for their on-going internal and interactive challenges and issues.

The center carries a few roles cross-disciplinarily under Erasmus Cap, as

A Research Body
A Consulting Body
An Education Body
Open, Being Customized
With Erasmus Top-Tier Quality
As Part of the Force of Positive Change