Awarded MOOC SDG Course-Driving Business towards SDGs

This Online Course received "MOOC Award of Excellence Award" from SDGAcademy  (United Nations Sustainability Development Goals Academy) and UNSDSN (United Nations Sustainability Development Solution Networks)  

About the academic insights of this course for Sustainability Development Goal 9  (Innovation towards balanced development)

by Dr.Ying Zhang 

We live in a world where we were allowed to create so much wealth in human history. However, unfortunately, we have badly brought up imbalanced development, inequality, and unsustainability. Think of the continuous imbalance and inequality in manufacturing value-added per capita, which is, for example, only $100 in the least developed countries compared to over $4,500 in Europe and Northern America. Such phenomena do not only exist between nations and industries but also exist in the field of innovation. Although innovation is meant to help liberalize our labor work from inefficient to precisely, we still struggle with our exaggerated and unnecessary dissolves and fail in taking our responsibility to a broader community, including our offspring. The core of this issue has two dimensions. The first is imbalanced on equal access to, and distribution of resources between people at the same time. This is called Panel Well-being Failure. The second is a noninclusiveness of our current business model to the well-being of our offspring in the long run, which is called Timeline Well-being Failure. Moreover, the integration of PWF and TWF became the source to exhaust our planet. So how can we deal with these dimensions and prevent severe scenarios for people and our planet? In this video, I will explain what is needed to shift the dynamics behind PWF and TWF, and how to work towards the balanced development for the sustainable and eco-global society. 


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